The Indigo Trust is a UK based grant making foundation that funds technology-driven projects to bring about social change, largely in African countries.  The Trust’s principal areas of interest lie in transparency, accountability and citizen empowerment. While we have historically supported initiatives in health, education and agriculture, the Trust no longer funds such projects.

We believe the best solutions to Africa’s challenges will be devised by Africans.  Therefore, we also support technology innovation hubs across the continent, with the aim of having a catalytic effect on the number and quality of projects being developed in-country.

The Indigo Trust makes grants to African projects or programmes, or to organisations which operate at least partly in African countries. We believe that if people have the ability to access, share and create information, then they are empowered to make positive changes in their own lives and communities.

A small proportion of Indigo Trust’s budget is allocated to supporting local organisations in London.  The Trustees do not accept unsolicited proposals in this area.  Rather, they reach out to charities which they have personally identified.

Indigo’s charity number is 1075920 and the annual report is available by clicking this link. You can also find copies of the charitable trust deed and registered charity index report by clicking the links.It should be noted that Indigo has no segregated investments in oil and gas and exposure to these areas in co-mingled funds will never exceed 5% of the Trust’s total investments, although we aim for less than 1% exposure. We will continue to assess opportunities to further divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions.

The Indigo Trust is part of The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (SFCT).  SFCT is the operating office of 18 grant-making trusts established by three generations of the Sainsbury family. The trusts’ donations to charitable causes over several decades represent one of the leading examples of sustained philanthropy in Britain.

Each trust works autonomously as an independent legal entity with a separate board of trustees, actively led by an individual member of the family with keenly-followed interests.  The trusts share office space and some administrative functions, however, each trust has its own unique philosophy, vision, mission and ways of working.  Different trusts may collaborate in some instances, to share expertise and where their strategies coincide, but in most cases, The Indigo Trust operates independently to other family trusts.