Open data conferences – law of diminishing returns?

Last week I was fortunate enough to be in Madrid for the fourth edition of the International Open Data Conference. With around 2,000 participants, it’s one of the most prominent events of its kind and attracts a fairly global audience, even if most participants hail from Europe and North America. Continue reading

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Get Access to South Africa’s Government Gazette – For Free

The following article is reproduced here with the kind permission of our friends at Code4SA. The original can be found here.

A new website,, is making official government gazettes available online and searchable, so you no longer have to sift through or download heaps of publications to source legal notices, calls for comments on national and provincial matters and updates on civic issues. Continue reading

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Announcing Open Society Institute West Africa (OSIWA) joining the hub fund


There’s a fair few funders out there that recognise the role of mobile and web technology in addressing social issues and this work is starting to become more widely supported.  At Indigo Trust, we believe that the best solutions to a given country’s challenges will be devised locally and for this to happen, there needs to be support for the wider ecosystem which fosters this.

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How can we use tech to increase civic engagement?

425722310_69415Tech presents us with huge opportunities to address some of society’s biggest problems. Earlier this year, Indigo co-funded an exciting new project with the British Council to see whether a diverse set of players including techies, an innovation hub, civil society and creatives could work together to develop a tech solution which, when integrated into a well devised programme, could address a civic challenge.

£40,000 was available for this project.

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Parliamentary Monitoring in Morocco

As a rule, we do not support projects or organisations in North Africa. A couple of years ago, though, we were very excited to see a parliamentary monitoring project starting up in Morocco and so we decided to help get it off the ground. Fast forward to now and Nouabook has become the go-to place for Moroccans wanting to find out more about their parliamentarians and how to connect with them to ask them questions about a range of issues from education to health and national defence to energy. To date, SimSim – the group behind Nouabook – have engaged an impressive number of politicians from a wide range of parties in the project. Using online media, video and a network of volunteer reporters they have collected questions and answers from all around the country. Continue reading

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The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme Joins the Fund for Tech Innovation Hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa


img_20150923_184214In Sierra Leone, years of civil war and the Ebola crisis have severely impacted on development outcomes.  The illiteracy rate is around 70% and 70% of young people are unemployed or underemployed.  Civil society is weak, fragmented and under-funded and there are few initiatives supporting young people to upskill, gain livelihoods and have their voices heard.

We’re delighted to announce that The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, run by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, in partnership with Comic Relief and The Royal Commonwealth Society,  has provided Indigo Trust with a grant of £366, 100 over 27 months to the Fund for Technology Innovation Hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa to address some of these issues.  Aside from a £10,000 annual management grant, the full grant will be re-granted to Sensi Tech Hub in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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Ghana Decides 2016

Rightly or wrongly, elections sit firmly at the centre of modern-day democracies. But how many of us are truly informed? What access do we enjoy to really impartial content that is not trying to spin us a particular line or get us behind one party or another? Ghana is no stranger to this problem and it’s something that local NGO, PenPlusBytes recognise. We are supporting them with a grant of £10,862 to help them develop several tools and projects aimed at improving the quality of debate and information around Ghana’s upcoming November elections. Continue reading

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