What We Fund

We provide flexible, unrestricted funding as well as funding for research or specific projects, as requested by grantee-partners, and we also contribute to pooled funds.

In 2022-23 70% of funding was unrestricted.

We are unlikely to fund work outside our focus areas and we do not sponsor individuals or events.

Access to Justice - Global

Indigo Trust supports Laws.Africa and the African Legal Information Institute (African LII) who make case law accessible to individuals, organisations, and governments by building and maintaining sustainable, free access to law portals across Africa and beyond.

woman at office desk with computer screen, scanning equipment and stack of paper files that are being scanned and uploaded to online platform

Credit: Laws.Africa

Access to Justice - UK

Indigo Trust supports law centres and other organisations providing free legal advice. During the pandemic we were involved in the pool funding and managing of the Community Justice Fund.

Team of women standing outside Ealing Law Centre holding signs that read I am for justice. Are you?

Credit: Ealing Law Centre

Racial Justice

The Trust remains committed to learning, improving and being transparent about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. As part of this journey, The Trust became a member of the Funders for Race Equality Alliance and undertook an audit of its grant-making to understand which organisations in the portfolio are led by and for people of colour.

Indigo Trust will continue to monitor the diversity of its grantee portfolio, using the DEI data standard, to identify and prioritise groups experiencing structural inequity.

In terms of grant-making, the Trust was an early funder of Black Equity Organisation and the Baobab Foundation, whom it continues to learn from and support through grant-making and sharing networks.

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

The Trust prioritises funding work that is less well supported by other donors, either because it is perceived as risky or unpopular or is a less understood issue. We currently fund three front-line UK organisations addressing this issue from a range of angles:

group of children sitting in bright room with large windows looking at their mobile phones

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation - perpetrator prevention

Marie Collins Foundation - tackling online abuse

Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse - training and support for UK professionals in identifying and responding to CSA

The Trust has also been in discussions with a range of funder collaborations, academics and civil society leaders addressing the issue to inform our approach from 2023 onwards.

Better Grant-making

We work to support more effective grant-making and philanthropy by individual donors, trusts and foundations and others.

Indigo Trustee, Fran Perrin, was the founder of 360Giving and is now Patron. Our Executive, Thrisha Haldar, is a member of the board. Indigo Trust continues to provide unrestricted funding to 360Giving and all of our grants are published to the 360Giving data standard.

We are an active member of the Foundation Practice Rating, which rates grant-makers, without their permission, on their diversity, accountability and transparency. Indigo’s Trust Executive contributed to discussion and raising awareness of the rating and aspirations for improving grant-making practices across the UK. Indigo has co-funded this project since 2022.

Visual Impairment

Male optician checking eyesight of female patient in medical setting

Indigo Trust supports interventions gathering robust data and sharing it for social impact.

Internationally, we currently fund the International Centre for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to disseminate data on eyecare provision across the majority world via the Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness portal.

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