Why Support Hubs?

Technology solutions can be developed anywhere across the globe with relatively simple infrastructure. These solutions have the potential to tackle social issues in all sectors as well as to create for-profit businesses and support job creation. For this to happen, an enabling environment needs to be created to support technology entrepreneurs and innovators.

We think technology innovation hubs play a crucial role in the technology innovation ecosystem and have a catalytic effect on both the quality and quantity of new businesses, social enterprises and social projects established. The programmes that they offer help to grow, connect and upskill technology communities.

All the hubs that we work with support social innovation. By building the skills of technologists and civil society, raising awareness of the role of technology in addressing social challenges and stimulating unexpected collaborations, hub communities help to tackle social challenges and improve development outcomes in new and innovative ways.

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Hubs Supporting Award-Winning Start-Ups


We’re always really excited to hear about start-ups gaining recognition, securing funding and winning awards. Several hubs are home to prize-winning start-ups and ideas that are helping to change the way that things are done. From online payments and events to mobile savings and agriculture, Africa’s tech start-ups are shaking things up.

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