Get Involved

If you’re a funder with an interest in supporting technology innovation in sub-Saharan Africa, we’d be delighted to hear from you. We recognise that for many organisations it can be hard to disburse small grants and oversee the delivery of them. We also know that it can be challenging for funders to identify trustworthy, effective local partners to work with and to roll out a programme across sub-Saharan Africa.


As we’ve been working with technology innovation hubs across the continent for several years, we’ve gained a wealth of experience about the factors that can help them succeed as well as having learnt through some of their failures.

The Indigo Trust can work with you to develop a programme which aligns with your strategic objectives. We can disburse grants to spaces involved, oversee the project’s implementation, support monitoring and evaluation and report back to you against agreed objectives. We would also be delighted to introduce you to the network of technology innovation hubs which we work with if you wish to work with them independently.

There are several kinds of support that funders and partners can provide to hubs, whether independently or via the Fund, such as:

  • Providing critical core support to technology innovation hubs
  • Providing support to help hubs to grow, support and upskill technology communities
  • Supporting tech-driven entrepreneurship and innovation including mentorship programmes, training, events, acceleration and incubation
  • Providing funding or in-kind support to the tech-driven start-ups supported by hubs
  • Supporting interventions which use technology to tackle social or civic challenges
  • Providing support to the leaders of technology innovation hubs
  • Partnering with technology innovation hubs or the technologists which they support

Why We Created The Fund

This fund was created to streamline the process through which technology innovation hubs can access core funding. We want to enable their teams to focus on delivering value to the communities which they support. We believe this fund reduces the unnecessary burden placed on their staff when they are required to satisfy the application processes, due diligence and reporting requirements of multiple donors, through centralising this process.

If you are interested in learning more about how you could get involved in supporting technology innovation hubs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.