Technology Innovation Hubs

The Indigo Trust has been supporting a burgeoning movement of technology innovation hubs in sub-Saharan Africa for six years. In this time, we’ve supported 21 spaces  across the continent. In 2014, the Fund for Technology Innovation Hubs was established to streamline the process through which hubs can access core funding, freeing up time for them to focus on creating impact on the ground.

We are strong believers in the provision of core funding, as it can enable hubs to respond to real needs and opportunities and to grow more organically, stimulating creativity and innovation. Some hubs are newly established, others are working towards achieving financial stability. Core funding allows hubs to pay for general operations such as salaries, internet costs and rent.


The hubs also use our funding to run a wide range of programmes which upskill their communities and support the development of social projects and start-ups.

The Fund also runs programmes which aim to bring together diverse players such as technologists, civil society organisations and creatives to solve social problems. We are currently piloting projects which adopt a user-centred design approach to identify and address civic challenges using technology in Uganda and Ghana.

This year we are delighted to be working with the Queen’s Young Leadership Programme run by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust in partnership with Comic Relief and the Royal Society, and with the British Council. For more information on our partners, and how you could get involved, please click here.


To date the Fund has made significant impact. It has helped technology innovation spaces generate income, up-skill and galvanise the technology communities they support and develop partnerships which help them achieve their aims. The Fund has also enabled hubs to support both commercial businesses and social tech projects. For a full list of the hubs we have supported to date, please click here.


What do hubs do?