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Mistrust elections? In Ghana there’s an app for that

What role will tech play in the upcoming Ghanaian elections. In this CNN article, Loren outlines some of the ways in which technology is playing an increasingly important role in everyday and political life in the country.

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Waraba and Maimouna – Meet two of myAgro’s happy farmers

The following post was kindly provided by our grantee, myAgro, and features some stories from farmers they are supporting in Mali and Senegal. To read more about this grant, please visit our recent blog post announcing the award.

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Arcane rituals, parliaments and innovation

As I write this post, I’m sat about a kilometre away from the Palace of Westminster, the home of the British Parliament. I can think of few institutions more in thrall to tradition and old ways of doing things than … Continue reading

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Little by little – helping farmers save for the future

Money burns a hole in my pocket… but then again I will store matches and notes in the same place. As anyone who’s ever saved up for anything can tell you, discipline is key. It takes a conscious effort to put … Continue reading

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Using voice to make parliament more transparent

Back in November, we announced that we had awarded a grant to Magilatech, a Tanzanian start-up pioneering an innovative approach to parliamentary information. The idea is a voice service that citizens can call through any mobile phone to listen live to … Continue reading

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Bluetooth – remember that?

Bluetooth technology has been around for a while now – so it’s hardly cutting edge any longer. But for Media Matters for Women, it has offered an easy, offline way of reaching remote communities with health information on Ebola where … Continue reading

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Remote communities… and how to reach them

You live in a remote village that is three hours’ drive from the nearest health centre. Your family can’t afford a mobile phone and the only person with a phone in the village is away visiting relatives. You notice that … Continue reading

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