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Mistrust elections? In Ghana there’s an app for that

What role will tech play in the upcoming Ghanaian elections. In this CNN article, Loren outlines some of the ways in which technology is playing an increasingly important role in everyday and political life in the country.

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Ghana Decides 2016

Rightly or wrongly, elections sit firmly at the centre of modern-day democracies. But how many of us are truly informed? What access do we enjoy to really impartial content that is not trying to spin us a particular line or … Continue reading

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Election Monitoring in Africa’s Biggest Democracy

There was never going to be anything simple about Nigeria’s 2015 elections. Both main candidates – Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari – are big names that commanded significant followings. Security concerns, technology worries and registration difficulties, meanwhile, compounded an already … Continue reading

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Elections – Forewarned is Forearmed

As recent electoral events in the UK demonstrate, elections can be tricky mistresses and ‘foregone conclusions’ can be way off the mark. Here at Indigo we frequently receive proposals from groups wanting to do work around elections in sub-Saharan Africa; … Continue reading

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My Al Jazeera Article on the Role of Tech in the lead up to the Nigerian Elections

Today Al Jazeera published my article on the role of new tech in the upcoming Nigerian elections.  In turbulent times, the result is unpredictable but I’m proud of all the organisations on the ground who are giving their all to … Continue reading

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Grant awarded to Open Knowledge Foundation

The Indigo Trust has awarded a grant of £41,926 to the Open Knowledge Foundation for its School of Data project in South Africa. In the age of big data, the volume of information that voters have at their disposal is … Continue reading

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South Africa Election Events (Post 2)

Following on from Loren’s previous post about the pre-election events she helped organise in South Africa, here’s some more infromation kindly supplied by event co-organiser Siyabonga: Digital democracy activists at Code4SA have teamed up with UK NGO the Indigo Trust … Continue reading

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