Researching Social Tech Ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa

For some years now, we have been supporting social tech communities and ecosystems around sub-Saharan Africa. As a comparatively young field, research in this area is much needed to guide practice both in Africa and also inform work around the world, including the UK. We are delighted to be supporting this work alongside Comic Relief and Nominet Trust. The following text is reproduced here courtesy of the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. The original post can be found here.

The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) is delighted to announce that it has been commissioned to produce an ambitious piece of research on ‘Social Tech Ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa,’ by a partnership of three key foundations making grants in the fields of social tech and international development: Comic Relief, Indigo Trust and Nominet Trust. Continue reading

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Joint Hub Fund 2016/17 grantees announced!

We are very excited to be working alongside OSIWA and the Queen’s Young Leaders programme to support technology innovation hubs across Africa.

Earlier this year, we were busy assessing applications from 11 hubs, all of which are doing exciting work in the tech world. In the end, nine hubs were awarded funding to support their running costs for the next ten months. Continue reading

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Organisation Identifiers (and why everyone is talking about them)

On the day that America goes to the polls, it might be something of an exaggeration to say that everyone is talking about organisation identifiers, but it’s certainly something that crops quite often at conferences I go to and meetings I attend. Broadly speaking, organisation identifiers are (usually) a string of letters and/or numbers that precisely pinpoint an organisation. One way of thinking about them is to imagine your passport. Typically, that will contain lots of information about your identity, e.g. your full name, a photo, details of the issuing authority etc. But the problem is that you might have a common name and, perhaps, there is someone else with that same name. Maybe that person even looks like you – in that case, it can be very difficult for immigration authorities or airlines to verify that you are the person in that passport. Continue reading

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Open data awards, pigeons and behaviour change

Yesterday saw the Open Data Institute’s Annual Summit, which aims to showcase open data work from around the world and bring together individuals and organisations working with open data in the public, private and third sectors. The highlight of yesterday from an Indigo point of view was the award of the Women in Data award to the 360Giving team for their work over the last couple of years to open up a world of data on philanthropic giving in the UK. Having seen 360 grow from an idea through to a fully-fledged organisation, it’s good to see their work be recognised by the open data community. Continue reading

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Open data conferences – law of diminishing returns?

Last week I was fortunate enough to be in Madrid for the fourth edition of the International Open Data Conference. With around 2,000 participants, it’s one of the most prominent events of its kind and attracts a fairly global audience, even if most participants hail from Europe and North America. Continue reading

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Get Access to South Africa’s Government Gazette – For Free

The following article is reproduced here with the kind permission of our friends at Code4SA. The original can be found here.

A new website,, is making official government gazettes available online and searchable, so you no longer have to sift through or download heaps of publications to source legal notices, calls for comments on national and provincial matters and updates on civic issues. Continue reading

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Announcing Open Society Institute West Africa (OSIWA) joining the hub fund


There’s a fair few funders out there that recognise the role of mobile and web technology in addressing social issues and this work is starting to become more widely supported.  At Indigo Trust, we believe that the best solutions to a given country’s challenges will be devised locally and for this to happen, there needs to be support for the wider ecosystem which fosters this.

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