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As a transparent grantmaker, we believe we have a duty to publish details of all our activities in an accessible format. The source data used on this page is available as open data and can be found at and

Data-driven insights into Funding Communities and Places

20 Mar 2018

Young Foundation

United Kingdom


To research the relationship between community characteristics and trust/foundation funding for communities using amongst other sources 360 Giving data.

To support the expansion of Hive Colab and other identified costs

20 Mar 2018

Hive Colab


To support the following activities: - The expansion of the hub to the entirety of the floor upon which they are currently located - The continuing Yogera project - Strengthening the human capital of the team through supporting a potential successor/ "number 2" in the organisation.

One Year Data Journalism Project

20 Mar 2018

Adamela Trust


To fund a year-long data journalism project through the Adamela Trust - the not-for-profit arm of the Mail and Guardian Newspaper in South Africa.

Enhancing citizen engagement with leaders in Northern Uganda

14 Mar 2018

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)


To support various activities in relation to strengthening the SMS platform and online media, providing a forum for citizen engagement with leaders and documentation and dissemination of grass root community voices.

Accountability Film Lab – Integrity Idol South Africa

13 Mar 2018

Accountability Lab

United States of America


To equip seven young aspiring South African film makers with the tools, skills and training to support the effective delivery of Integrity Idol South Africa, and to hone their skills so that they might continue to contribute to developing accountability and transparency in South Africa through film.

Supporting UK organisations to publish their grants data

8 Mar 2018


United Kingdom


Core funding.

Research Project linking 360 Giving data to their annual Almanac

26 Feb 2018

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

United Kingdom


To support their Research Project linking 360 Giving data to their annual Almanac.

Training Paralegals to be Radio Journalists

16 Feb 2018

South Africa

Legal and judicial development, Media and free flow of information


To enable them to hire a project coordinator to further their work on justice and rights radio.

Citizen Journalism – Multimedia Stories

15 Feb 2018

South Africa

Health education, Media and free flow of information, STD control including HIV/AIDS


A two-year project aimed at increasing and improving the multimedia components of their work on health and social justice.

Multimedia Popular Education Campaign

14 Feb 2018

South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Media and free flow of information, Support to local and regional NGOs


To increase impact through building upon their helpline.