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As a transparent grantmaker, we believe we have a duty to publish details of all our activities in an accessible format. The source data used on this page is available as open data and can be found at and

Supporting organisation merger to improve philanthropy

6 Nov 2013

Institute for Philanthropy

United Kingdom


To support a merger with The Philanthropy Workshop West and for ongoing core costs to work jointly on improving donor education and impact.

Citizen reporting of public service problems in South Africa

9 Oct 2013

South Africa

Information and Communication Technology


To support core costs as well as programmatic costs including awareness raising workshops, advocacy work with government officials and project evaluation.

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Improving public services in Nigeria

9 Oct 2013


Information and Communication Technology


A grant to support CODE (formerly Follow the Money), a Nigerian organisation working to monitor and improve public services in Nigeria. This grant covers office space, tech support, some online advertising, internet and travel costs.

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Developing communities of tech innovators in Rwanda

9 Oct 2013


Information and Communication Technology


Towards a top up of the General Manager salary and seed funding for an agricultural and a health application for this tech hub in Rwanda.

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New technological innovation hub in Harare

18 Sep 2013

Hypercube Technology Trust


Information and Communication Technology


To contribute towards core and programmatic costs.

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Opportunities for older people in Holborn

11 Sep 2013

Holborn Community Association

United Kingdom


Continuation funding to cover 50% of the Older People’s Activity project in 2013-14..


31 Jul 2013


Information and Communication Technology


To test sustainability models for MOTECH in Ghana, a project which assists pregnant women throughout their pregnancy.

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Parliamentary monitoring in South Africa (supplermentary grant)

29 Jul 2013

Parliamentary Monitoring Group


Towards the cost of maintaining and promoting the People's Assembly website which provides information on parliamentary proceedings and elected representatives and the development of an MP locator. This is a supplementary grant.

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To improve the effectiveness of their Community Health Workers

25 Jul 2013

Hope Through Health


Information and Communication Technology


To partner with Dimagi (a tech social enterprise that have developed the widely used CommCare mobile platform for CHWs to train 15 CHWs in using the system to improve the quality of decision making, follow up and data collection.

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Collaboration between Africa’s Technology Innovation Hubs

10 Jul 2013


Information and Communication Technology


To contribute to core costs of this group which aims to provide coordination and other services for African tech hubs.

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