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As a transparent grantmaker, we believe we have a duty to publish details of all our activities in an accessible format. The source data used on this page is available as open data and can be found at and

Tanzanian Mobile Parliamentary Project

16 Sep 2015

Magilatech Company Ltd


Democratic participation and civil society, Free flow of information, Information and Communication Technology


To contribute towards technical improvements, salary costs, marketing and training for a voice based system which provides Tanzanians with access to parliamentary proceedings.

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Literacy Digital Platform to help young people in South Africa

16 Sep 2015

FunDza Literacy Trust

South Africa

Basic life skills for youth and adults, Information and Communication Technology


Towards salary costs and tech development of digital platforms which help to improve the literacy of young people in South Africa.

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Vital mapping information to assist in humanitarian crises

16 Sep 2015

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Information and Communication Technology, Media and free flow of information, Support to international NGOs


To support MSF's Missing Maps work in South Kivu, DRC. The project seeks to map communities and infrastructure using the OpenStreetMap platform to provide MSF teams and others with accurate geographical information on South Kivu.

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BeeHive platform helping to match donors to potential grantees

14 Sep 2015

Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST)

United Kingdom


To cover the salary costs of the lead developer (for 6 months) for BeeHive, a platform which helps to match donors to potential grantees and vice versa. This platform aims to utilise 360 Giving data and is also a useful tool to support advocacy in this space.

Mobile Layaway Platform for Farmers in Mali

19 Aug 2015



Agricultural extension, Agricultural financial services, Agricultural inputs, Food crop production


To conduct SMS trials and hire a data analyst.

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Helping UK grantmakers to publish their grants data openly

3 Aug 2015


United Kingdom


To contribute towards the core costs of establishing 360 Giving as a UK registered charity.

Parliamentary monitoring in Africa

29 Jul 2015


Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom

Administrative costs, Democratic participation and civil society, Electoral assistance and monitoring


To cover core costs for their team to work with partner organisations in African countries to develop and improve upon civic websites for parliamentary monitoring and citizen feedback.

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Digital Education Platform in Ethiopia

27 Jul 2015

Ahadoo Tec ICT Solutions Plc


Education facilities and training, Information and Communication Technology, Secondary education


To cover content development for a digital education platform in Ethiopia and includes an additional £500 to cover the training of government staff..

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People’s Assembly parliamentary monitoring site in South Africa

27 Jul 2015

Parliamentary Monitoring Group

South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Government administration, Media and free flow of information, Support to local and regional NGOs


To contribute towards the development, management and promotion of the People’s Assembly parliamentary monitoring site.

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Data Journalism School Project in South Africa

27 Jul 2015

Dim Sum Digital Limited

South Africa

Media and free flow of information


To contribute towards a data journalism school project, focusing on ensuring that relevant stories and issues from civil society are addressed by the school. This project to be run jointly with Code4SA.

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