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As a transparent grantmaker, we believe we have a duty to publish details of all our activities in an accessible format. The source data used on this page is available as open data and can be found at and

Strengthening Kenyan Parliamentary Monitoring Site

13 Feb 2017


Democratic participation and civil society, Elections, Legal and judicial development, Legislatures and political parties


Three year grant to support core costs of Mzalendo, which monitors Kenya's parliament and the activities of its parliamentarians.

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Improving access to UK philanthropic data

25 Jan 2017


United Kingdom


To help cover the core costs of 360Giving, the organisation supporting UK donors and philanthropists to publish their grants data in an open, standardised way to support decision-making and learning across the charitable giving sector.

Counselling and psychological support to vulnerable women in London

25 Jan 2017

Maya Centre

United Kingdom


Unrestricted core funding.

Addressing civic challenges through technology in Ghana

11 Jan 2017


Information and Communication Technology


To support a user centred design process which will enable technologists, civil society and creatives to work together to identify and address civic challenges in Ghana.

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Addressing civic challenges through technology in Uganda

11 Jan 2017


Anti-corruption organisations and institutions, Democratic participation and civil society


To contribute to phase 2 of a civic tech collaboration. This project brings together civic groups, technologists and creatives to build a platform (Yogera) which aims to tackle corruption in Uganda.

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Strengthening opportunities for young people in King’s Cross, London

4 Jan 2017

Copenhagen Youth Project

United Kingdom


Core funding for three years (£15,000 in each financial year 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19) to this youth organisation which offers a variety of activities and programmes for young people in this King's Cross area.

Improving transparency in sub-Saharan Africa’s health systems

10 Nov 2016

United Kingdom

Democratic participation and civil society, Health policy and administrative management


To enable them to distribute small grants to organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa who are using technology to improve transparency in the pharmaceutical and health sector.

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Open data and manifesto tracker for Uganda

5 Sep 2016



Administrative costs, Information and Communication Technology, Legislatures and political parties


To support core costs for Outbox to establish a team that will support open data work, including the development of an open data portal and a manifesto tracker.

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Voter education and parliamentary accountability in Ghana

15 Aug 2016


Democratic participation and civil society, Elections


To support PenPlusBytes work on voter education and improving the accountability of elected representatives ahead of Ghana's 2016 general elections.

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Strengthening parliamentary co-operation in Morocco

15 Aug 2016


Democratic participation and civil society, Elections, Legislatures and political parties


To support salary and core costs, as well as tech consultancy and elections work, while the organisation continues to look for longer-term funding from other sources.

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