Grants Awarded

To access raw funding data from Indigo in an open data format, please visit either our 360 data feed or our IATI data feed.

ActivSpaces (Cameroon)

Awarded £34,260 of which £16,984 is from OSIWA – Technology Innovation Hub Core Funding.

Hive Colab (Uganda)

Awarded £40,000 – Technology Innovation Hub Core Funding.

iSpace (Ghana)

Awarded £30,800 of which £17,000 is from OSIWA – Technology Innovation Hub Core Funding.

EtriLabs (Benin)

Awarded £11,590 of which £5,000 is from OSIWA – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.

HapaSpace (Ghana)

Awarded £15,000 of which £5,000 is from OSIWA – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.

mHub (Malawi)

Awarded £15,000 – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.

Sensi (Sierra Leone)

Awarded £10,410 of which £5,000 is from OSIWA – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.

xHub (Ethiopia)

Awarded £8,570 – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.

IceAddis (Ethiopia)

Awarded £16,690 – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.

Outbox (Uganda)

Awarded a grant of £14,999 to support core costs and to establish a team to support their open data work.

Sim-Sim Participation Citoyenne

A grant of £17,600 to support core costs, tech consultancy and election work. Read more here.

Penplusbytes (Ghana)

A grant of £10,862 to support their work on voter education and improving the accountability of elected representatives ahead of Ghana’s 2016 general elections.  Read more here.

Bongo Hive (Zambia)

Awarded £8,975 to enable them to establish an Equity Investment Plan and Start-Up Fund. More here.

Publish What You Fund (International)

A grant of £20,000 towards communications in relation to their new strategy.

Odekro (Ghana)

Awarded a grant of £20,738 towards core costs which will contribute towards supporting the team, improving the Odekro parliamentary monitoring site and supporting citizen engagement.

TracFM (Uganda)

A grant of £23,484 to enable TracFM towards staff and office space,  as well as carrying out technical improvements to their polling platform.

Global Water Challenge (International)

A grant of £10,000 to increase the volume of water point data made available through their Water Point Data Exchange.  More here.

Center for Global Development in Europe (UK)

Awarded a grant of £17,250 towards research work into the effects of the EU referendum on UK aid and development work.

WOUGNET (Uganda)

A grant of UGX 91,991 towards deepening civic engagement and improving social service delivery.

Citizens Watch -IT (Uganda)

Awarded a grant of £21,015 towards core costs, development, training and promotion for use of a citizen feedback platform called FixMyCommunity.

CIPESA (Uganda)

A grant of USD 11,375 towards training and awareness raising around aces to information in Uganda. Read more here.

ActivSpaces (Cameroon)

Awarded €27,355  – Technology Innovation Hub Core Funding.  Read more here.

iSpace (Ghana)

Awarded €27,355  – Technology Innovation Hub Core Funding.  Read more here.

Hive Colab (Uganda)

Awarded €27,355  – Technology Innovation Hub Core Funding.  Read more here.

Mhub (Malawi)

Awarded €13,677 – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.  More here.

Sensi (Sierra Leone)

Awarded €13,677 – Technology Innovation Hub Seed Funding.  More here.

British Library (East Africa)

A further grant of £48,409 to enable the British Library to complete the cataloguing, preservation and digitisation of primarily East African map records from the War Office Archive.  This grant will be payable over two years.  More here.

Transparency International UK

Awarded £4,431.95 to cover flights and expenses for three Indigo Grantees to attend the Anti-Corruption Summit 2016 in London.

Grassroot Nation NPC (South Africa)

A grant of 345,000 ZAR to partner with NGOs to further develop GrassRoot’s digital organising tools. This post has more on the grant.

Open Data Durban (South Africa)

Awarded £30,000 for core funding, to allow the team to explore ways of working with government, civil society and journalists to encourage the opening up of civic data and its more effective use. Visit here to read more about this grant.

EtriLabs (Benin)

A grant of £15,913 towards the costs of their Whispa programme. Read more here.

Siyakhona Multi Media Co-operative Ltd (South Africa)

A top up grant of £4,010 to run a movie based campaign around drug awareness.

Health e-News (South Africa)

A grant of ZAR 381,960 towards their Our Health programme.  As this is not a traditional  health programme it was a good fit with Indigo’s transparency and accountability focus. Click here for more.

Hive Colab (Uganda)

A grant of £20,000 to contribute towards a collaboration between Hive Colab, mySociety, civic and creative groups in Uganda to explore whether user centred design can result in the development of a tech driven prototype which tackles a civic challenge identified by the groups involved.

Connected Development – CODE (Nigeria)

A further grant of £37,492 towards core costs. Read more here.

South African History Archive (South Africa)

A grant of £11,193 to support SAHA’s work around freedom of information. Read more here.

Mzalendo (Kenya)

Awarded £10,000 to support the hosting of the People’s Shujaaz Awards. Read the post announcing the grant here.

GroundUp (South Africa)

A second grant of £10,000 towards the core costs of a community news organisation in South Africa. This post has more information on the project.

AfriLabs (Africa-wide)

Awarded a grant of £10,000 to contribute towards the Innovation Hub Sustainability Conference.

Sensi (Sierra Leone)

A grant of £14,000 towards establishing a new tech innovation space in Freetown.

Magilatech (Tanzania)

Awarded a second grant of £9,908 towards their voice activated mobile parliament platform, giving Tanzanians access to parliamentary proceedings.

FunDza Literacy Trust (South Africa)

A further grant of £22,000 towards salary costs and tech development of digital platforms which help to improve the literacy of young people in South Africa.  More here.

Medecins san Frontieres – Doctors Without Borders (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

A grant of £10,000 towards their digital mapping work in DRC. More here.

myAgro (Mali)

Awarded £10,000 to improve database functionality and increase the number of farmers using the myAgro layaway platform.  More here.

mySociety (UK and Africa-wide)

A grant of £40,000 to cover core costs for the team to work with partner organisations in African countries, to develop and improve upon civic websites for parliamentary monitoring and citizen feedback.  More here.

Code4SA (South Africa)

Awarded £30,000 towards core costs.

Code4SA (South Africa)

A grant of £10,000 to contribute towards a data journalism school project, focusing on ensuring that relevant stories and issues from civil society are addressed by the school. This project to be run jointly with Dim Sum Digital.

Dim Sum Digital (UK/South Africa)

A grant of £11,600 to contribute towards a data journalism school project to be run jointly with Code4SA.  Read more here.

Code4SA (South Africa)

Awarded £3,000 to scope potential uses of corporate data in campaigns and programmes with civil society and the media in South Africa.

Parliamentary Monitoring Group (South Africa)

A further grant of £20,000 awarded to contribute towards the development, management and promotion of the People’s Assembly parliamentary monitoring site.  Read more here.

AhadooTec ICT Solutions (Ethiopia)

Awarded £15,760 for content development of a digital education platform, including £500 to train government staff.

Children’s Radio Foundation (South Africa)

A grant of £5,000 to produce and disseminate a Community Action Toolkit.  For more read here.

Code4SA (South Africa)

Awarded a grant of £26,000 to run three School of Data (SCODA) Fellowships in South Africa.  This is to be run jointly with Open Knowledge Foundation.

Open Knowledge Foundation (South Africa)

Awarded two grants – £5,000  to jointly run three School of Data (SCODA) Fellowships in South Africa, with Code4SA, and £10,000 towards Open Knowledge Foundation core costs.

Centre for African Leadership Studies (Ethiopia)

Awarded £20,000 for the xHub Innovative Society initiative to contribute towards the core costs of the xHub technology innovation hub in Addis Ababa.  More here.

Open Mind (USA/Global)

A grant of £20,000 to Open Mind to cover core costs associated with their Question Box project. Question Box allows organisations to set up a cheap, robust information line linking local communities with service providers, NGOs and charities.

ToroDev (Uganda)

A grant of £21,466 to enable ToroDev to implement an innovative Mobile-SMS-Internet-Radio polling system to seek local citizens’ views on service delivery in seven districts in the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.  For more read here.

Totohealth (Kenya)

Awarded USD $17,664 towards their SMS/Voice platform to improve maternal and child health.  More here.

Bongo Hive (Zambia)

A grant of $25,500 to cover the salary costs of a business incubation manager for 12 months.  Read more here.

Publish What You Fund (UK/Global)

Awarded £30,000 to support its work on aid transparency in the United States. For more see here.

Corruption Watch (South Africa)

A grant of 270,000 ZAR to support their Mxit platform to report and monitor corruption.  More here.

Tumenye Digital Ltd (Rwanda)

Awarded £20,205 towards the development and promotion of their Sobanukirwa Freedom of Information site.  For more read here.

Stichting Hivos (Africa-Wide)

A second grant of £100,000 to the Joint Hub Fund – £10,000 for management and £90,000 towards supporting core costs of tech innovation hubs in Africa and smaller seed funding.  Read more here.

The Open Medicine Project South Africa – TOMPSA

Awarded ZAR 267,000 to adapt and integrate their Emergency Medicine App for use in 10 South African government hospitals as part of an ongoing project.

Daily Maverick (South Africa)

Awarded a grant of £14,400 towards core costs.  More here.

Follow The Money (Nigeria)

A second grant of £20,000 towards core costs.  Read more here.

Map Action (International)

Awarded £8,000 to test and evaluate a new digital mapping platform at two future humanitarian emergencies.  See here for more.

Groundsource (South Africa)

A grant of £10,000 (or USD equivalent) to deploy mobile engagement and data collection tool in the operating newsroom at GroundUp and contribute to technical adaptations to the site.  More here.

Swahilibox: M-Power (Kenya)

Awarded £26,000 towards core costs of establishing a new technology innovation hub in Mombasa.  For more read here.

Afrilabs (Africa-wide)

A grant of £15,000 towards activities that support technology innovation hub collaboration and sharing of knowledge.  Read more here.

Fruits of Thought (Uganda)

Awarded UGX 81,813,000 to employ an Open Data specialist and run open data days in Uganda.  Read more here.

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)

A grant of UGX 83,999,000 to build the capacity of duty bearers to use ICTs to connect with citizens.  More here.

Development, Research & Training – DRT (Uganda)

Awarded $16,000 towards mapping and co-ordinating the Open Data movement in Uganda.  For more read here.

Citizens Election Watch – Information Technology (CEW-IT)  (Uganda)

A grant of UGX 71,880,000 to work in partnership with mySociety to develop and market a site which enables citizens to report problems in service delivery.  A further supplementary grant of £400 was paid due to exchange rate fluctuations causing a shortfall in the initial amount received by CEW-IT.  For more read here.

Translators Without Borders

Awarded $23,195 to increase their work around Ebola and the provision of local language content in affected countries. Read more about this work here.

Medical Concierge (Uganda)

A grant of £15,000 to support their multi-platform call centre and outreach to Universities. Read more about this grant here.

Black Sash (South Africa)

Awarded 296,00 ZAR towards community digital monitoring of government services.  For more read here.

Hope for Rural Women (Uganda) *

A grant of £6,500 towards their Big Heart for Pregnant Mothers project. Read more about this here.

* please note that due to unforeseen circumstances this project did not come to fruition

Daraja (Tanzania)

Awarded £14,790 towards their Shoot the Question programme. To read more about this see this link.

Magilatech (Tanzania)

A grant of 14,275 Euros for hosting, technical development and promotion of a voice activated mobile parliament platform.  Read more here.

Livity Africa (South Africa)

Awarded 139,995 ZAR towards embedding youth reporters in parliament, in partnership with Parliamentary Monitoring Group, and to distribute their articles across multiple medium and platforms.  For more read here.

Lady Mermaid’s Bureau (Uganda)

A grant of £5,000 to LMB to provide critical health and legal information to sex workers via mobile phone.  Read here for more.

Dim Sum Digital (South Africa)

Awarded a grant of £15,053 to facilitate citizen journalism training to Indigo Trust grantees and other activists in Cape Town.  See more here.

Media Matters for Women (Sierra Leone)

A grant of £15,000 to enable MMW to work with local journalists to produce radio programmes on Ebola shareable via Bluetooth and WhatsApp. Read more about this grant here.

GroundUp (South Africa)

Awarded £10,863 towards core costs.  Read more here.

Mzalendo Trust (Kenya)

A grant of £14,714 awarded to enable Mzalendo to employ a Programme Assistant to conduct marketing and media outreach work. You can read more here.

Hive Colab (Uganda)

Awarded £5,718 emergency/bridge funding for core costs.

Publish What You Fund

A grant of £45,000 towards core costs and recruitment consultancy services. You can read more about this grant here.

 Siyakhona Multi Media Co-operative (South Africa)

Awarded £15,000 towards core costs and the running of a campaign around drugs and alcohol misuse in secondary schools in Alexandra Township. We’ve blogged about this grant here.

Training Grant to ODAC for all Indigo grantees in South Africa

A grant of £10,000 to facilitate and administer training support for Indigo Grantees based in South Africa.  See more here.

Amandla.Mobi (South Africa)

Awarded 264,194 SA Rand to develop a new platform for mobile campaigning and pilot two community led campaigns using the platform.  Read more here.

African Legal Information Institute (Zambia)

A grant of £36,300 (or Rand equivalent) to contribute towards the costs of developing an open source platform for the publication of legislative information. The system will be initially trialled in Zambia. Read more here.

Open Knowledge Foundation (South Africa)

A grant of £41,926 to enable OKFN to expand their School of Data to South Africa.  Read more here.

FarmNet (Rwanda)

A grant of £15,000 to contribute towards software development costs for a platform in Rwanda which will connect smallholder farmers to premium buyers with trusted intermediaries handling the physical commodities. The platform will be piloted with Sarura Commodities Ltd and the World Food Programme in August 2014.  For more read here.

Fruits of Thought (Uganda)

A grant of £5,000 to enable the expansion of Fruits of Thought’s Digital Mapping Project in Eastern Uganda.  For more see here.

Constitute Project

A grant of £4,125 to the Constitute Project to help them develop the functionality of their site to allow users to download annotated PDF copies of constitutions for offline and mobile use.  Further details here.

Code for South Africa

A grant of £36,850 to be used as follows: £30,000 towards salary costs of Code4SA’s lead developer and £6,850 is to contribute towards the running of an Open Data Unconference. Read more about this grant here.

Stichting Hivos (Africa-wide)

Awarded a total of £60,000 to manage and distribute funds to selected technology innovation hubs in Africaa via a Joint Hub Fund set up by Hivos, DOEN and Indigo Trust. £50,000 will be re-granted to the technology innovation hubs and £10,000 is awarded for fund management.  For more read here.

SimSim-Participation Citoyenne (Morocco)

Awarded €34,661 (equivalent to £29,234) to enable them to develop Nouabook, a web platform facilitating MP-citizen engagement in Morocco. Read more about this grant here.

Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon (FITCAM)

A grant of £12,025 to enable Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon to carry out a ‘Basic Education and Expenditure Mapping’ project to monitor schools’ expenditure via SMS. Further details here.

Publish What You Fund

A grant of £25,000 towards core costs and legal fees associated with application for charitable status. More here.


Awarded a grant of £14,513 to enable Intermedia to work jointly with Indigo Trust
and several of Indigo’s grantees to develop a framework for the monitoring and
evaluation of transparency and accountability projects. Read more here.

Action Group for Democracy and Good Governance (AGDGG) – Cameroon

A grant of £6,900 to build the capacity of university and high school students in Cameroon on using information communication technologies during civil resistance and non-violent protest in their schools and communities. You can find more here.

Social Justice Coalition  – in partnership with Ndifuna Ukwazi – South Africa

A grant of £16,226 to help SJC (in partnership with Ndifuna Ukwazi) develop and build upon the Lungisa reporting platform, to allow residents of Khayelitsha township in Cape Town to report service delivery problems to local government via web and mobile.  Read more here.


Awarded £40,000 to enable the development of new democratic engagement tools in conjunction with African organisations and to provide ongoing support to existing parliamentary monitoring sites in South Africa and Ghana. Read more here.

Ignitia (Ghana)

A grant of 48,040 Ghanaian Cedi (approx. USD$19,000) to cover salaries, overheads, development and design costs, monitoring and evaluation and associated costs. Ignitia provide accurate, local weather forecasts to farmers in West Africa via mobile phone.  Read more here.

Efiko (Nigeria)

Awarded £18,000 to cover content development and technical improvements to Efiko’s education platform for Nigerian schoolchildren and data mining capabilities.  For more read here.

FunDza Literacy Trust (South Africa)

A grant of £20,000 to cover the salary costs of a developer to make technical improvements to FunDza’s educational platform to improve literacy and increase the number of young people reading for pleasure in South Africa.  See more here.

Hut Space (Ghana)

Awarded £5,000 to contribute towards the marketing and promotion of the Odekro parliamentary monitoring site. For more about the Odekro initiative, click here.

Integrity Action

A grant of £13,000 towards the development of a mobile app for data collection on service delivery. They will train local organisations to use in the app in four central and West African countries. You can read more about the grant here.

Analysis of Big Lottery Fund Data

To date, Indigo has awarded £4,000 to several developers in order to conduct research which involves the analysis of grants data published by the Big Lottery Fund.  Read more here.

Practical Participation

Awarded a grant of up to a maximum of £8,000 to conduct a series of research sprints focused on open data and philanthropy in the UK.  See more here.

N.B. This grant has since been cancelled as this work was funded from another source.

iLab (Liberia)

Awarded a grant of £30,000 towards core costs.  Read more here.

Cell Life (South Africa)

A further grant of £11,650 to Cell Life for the Lungisa Citizen Reporting Project, to support core costs as well as programmatic costs.  More here.

kLab (Rwanda)

Rwanda’s first open IT innovation centre has been awarded £20,000 by Indigo, to be divided between topping up the general manager’s salary and providing seed funding for two new apps.  Read more here.

Follow The Money (Nigeria)

Awarded a grant of £9,648 towards the costs of office space, internet, tech support and some advertising and marketing to help extend their reach.  Read more here.

Hypercube (Zimbabwe)

Awarded a grant of £30,000 towards the core costs of establishing a tech hub in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Find out more here.

Grameen Foundation (Ghana)

A grant of £14,947 to enable Grameen to test sustainability models for MOTECH in Ghana.  Read more here.

Hope Through Health HTH (Togo)

Indigo has awarded HTH a grant of $24,366 to partner with Dimagi, a tech social enterprise that has developed the widely used CommCare mobile platform, to improve the effectiveness of their work with Community Health Workers.  To see more click here.

AfriLabs (Africa-wide)

Awarded a grant of €25,000 Euros to contribute to core costs and thus enable more effective collaboration between Africa’s technology innovation hubs.  You can read about it here.

iCow (Kenya)

A grant of £22,554 to cover iCow’s core costs as it expands its work as a result of its partnership with mobile operator, Safaricom. To read more, click here.

British Library

A grant of £39,820 to cover the costs of conserving, digitising and cataloguing 494 map sheets and 47 pages of text relating to the East Africa Protectorate, and from 1920, the Colony of Kenya. Click here for more.

Impilo Foundation (South Africa)

A grant of £4,865 to support the implementation of a citizen journalism project in Zandspruit, South Africa. You can find out more here.

Veritas (Zimbabwe)

A grant of £12,300 to Veritas Zimbabwe for the development and launch of a Zimbabwean Draft Constitution App. The app was developed in Nigeria by Pledge51. To read more about this grant, click here.

Parliamentary Monitoring Group (South Africa)

Awarded a grant of 194,700 ZAR towards the cost of maintaining and promoting the People’s Assembly website which provides information on parliamentary proceedings and elected representatives and the development of an MP locator.  PMG will be working together with MySociety.  For more read here. We subsequently awarded them a second grant of £15,000 to cover additional costs associated with the project.

Kytabu (Kenya)

A grant of £5,000 to Kytabu to build a beta version of a textbook subscription application that will work with inexpensive tablet PCs. Read more here.

Christian Aid (Project in Kenya)

£16,715 awarded to Christian Aid towards their Mobile Banking and Clean Water Project, Kenya, being undertaken in collaboration with their in-country partner, Northern Aid.  Read more here.

ODAC (South Africa)

A grant of £15,000 to develop the openAFRICA project, a digital management toolkit for journalists and activists that facilitates FOI requests, combined with a semantic document repository.  More here.

Jozi Hub (South Africa)

£19,968 awarded towards the costs of setting up a transparency and accountability stream at the Jozi Hub.  For more read here.

WAHRDN – West African Human Rights Defenders Network

A grant of £12,599 to help WAHRDN and their national chapters build WordPress blogs in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Guinea.  Read more.

Academia Secundaria (Cameroon)

A grant of £7,861 towards further development and roll-out of the student information and resource management platform.  For more information see our blog.

WLRN – Water and Livelihoods Reform Network (Kenya)

Indigo have awarded a grant of £15,000 to Water and Livelihoods Reforms Network, to establish a ‘consumer info desk and data desk’. This will entail the creation of a website containing detailed information on water in Kenya.  Read more here.

Yougora (Ghana)

A grant of £5,000 to Yougora Ltd towards the development of an Android app for the Ghanaian constitution.  More here.

Co Creation Hub (Nigeria)

A grant of £75,000 over three years.  £25,000 per year will go towards supporting the Pre-incubation services at CCHUB and its brilliant team.  More here.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

A further grant of £4,695 to LSTM for their work on the SMS referral system to improve uptake of sexual and reproductive healthcare in Mwanza, Tanzania.  For details read here.

A grant of €13,500 to – a Dutch organisation with users in Uganda and Tanzania – in order that it might expand the network of organisations that use its data collection software to inform their social campaigns.  Read more here.

iHub (Kenya)

Indigo has awarded iHub a grant of $9,300, which will be used to help fund their Water Hackathon 2013. Most of the grant will be used to fund the all important prize money, plus additional funding that will be used to help implement and monitor the winning solution. For more details see here.

iSpace Foundation (Ghana)

Indigo has awarded £30,000 for the start-up costs of iSpace – a new tech innovation hub in Accra, Ghana.  Read more here.

Hillside Digital Trust (Lesotho)

The Hillside Digital Trust has been awarded a grant of £10,074.92 in support of the implementation of Sony and FIFA’s Siyakhona Media Studio at the Kick4Life Football for Hope centre in Maseru, Lesotho.  Find out more here.

Constitute Project

A grant of £30,370 to the Constitute Project, which aims to digitally tag all constitutions in the world, allowing researchers, drafters and others to quickly compare constitutional provisions in different countries. The site will also provide full text copies of constitutions for free reuse by other organisations. To read more, visit this special guest blog post.

BudgIT (Nigeria)

A grant of £36,800 to BudgIT and the Open Knowledge Foundation for capacity building and training in producing better visualisations and getting hold of data. To read more about the project, click here.

iCow (Kenya)

A further grant of £21,692 to iCow. This will cover core costs for the next six months – a crucial time in iCow’s development as they look to scale up the organisation. To read more about this grant, click here.

African Legal Information Institute (Seychelles)

A grant of £22,672 to the African Legal Information Institute to fund a joint project with the Seychelles Legal Information Institute. The funds will be used to create an e-book available both online and offline to allow judges and others to access electronic copies of the most prominent Seychellois legislation. Read more here.

Translators Without Borders

A grant of $14,500 towards the costs of Translators Without Borders’ 80 x 100 Project. The aim of the project is to make the most popular Wikipedia medical articles (on issues like HIV and polio) available in as many languages as possible. Indigo’s funding will go towards the translation and dissemination of Swahili language articles through Swahili Wikipedia. Click here to read more.

RLabs (Namibia)

A grant of £15,310 to RLabs and the Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) to establish an RLabs Academy and an Innovation Incubator and Accelerator (InnovIA). RLabs Namibia hope that this will stimulate further growth and innovative applications of ICT in Namibia. Read more about it here.


A grant of £40,000 to mySociety to enable them to launch between four and six partnerships in Africa. mySociety aim to work with any organisation keen to replicate their sites and adapt them to the local context. Odekro – Ghana’s parliamentary monitoring site – is the first project to be funded by this grant. Click here for more.

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP)

A grant of £14,999 to TGNP to use SMS and push voice messaging to allow local gender activists to send messages about their work to various audiences. This project builds on TGNP’s earlier work of creating a network of local ICT centres where men and women can learn more about gender issues. Read more here.

Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC)

We have recently awarded GACC a grant of £10,000 towards the costs of their Health Legends SMS platform. This service allows patients to text in details of any issues they have had with the health service, with GACC following up on reports and working with hospitals and health authorities to improve patient satisfaction and service delivery. Read more here.

FunDza Literacy Trust (South Africa)

FunDza have received a grant of £13,844.91 to enable them to make technical improvements to their platform which uses internet and mobile to get more young South Africans reading and writing. Read more here.

Farmerline (Ghana)

Farmerline has been awarded a grant of £5,200 to enable them to pilot their SMS and voice-based system with a group of Ghanaian fish farmers. To read more click here.

Hut Space (Ghana)

Indigo has  awarded grant of £9,400.18 to Hutspace, a Ghanaian web development company, who, in collaboration with mySociety are creating a parliamentary monitoring site for Ghana. The site, Odekro, is now live.  To read more click here.

AMIS (Cameroon)

A grant of £4,950 to support their AMIS-TXM system, which provides farmers with key information on issues such as weather conditions and market prices using Frontline SMS. To read more, click here.

WOUGNET* (Uganda)

A grant of $24,945 to be paid over two years to the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) in support of an existing project sponsored by the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER). The funding will be used to provide additional training for members of Voluntary Social Accountability Committees (VSACs), whose role is to monitor service delivery and advocate for improvements in the communities where they live and work. Read more here.

ActivSpaces (Cameroon)

Indigo have awarded a further £20,150 to enable ActivSpaces to develop their Tech Innovation Spaces in Buea and support sustainability initiatives both in this space and at a new space currently being opened in Douala.  This grant will go towards non-technical and technical infrastructure, salary costs, a seed fund, outreach and mentorship.  For more see here.

Agrohub (Cameroon)

Agrohub – a platform that links farmers to buyers and to each other and enables them to access crucial agricultural extension services – has been awarded £5,700 for infrastructure, salaries, branding, outreach and communications.  Agrohub facilitates farmers’ access to information and larger markets through the use of the web, mobile technologies (SMS) and community participation. Read more here.

eHealth & Information Systems (Nigeria)

eHealth is an organisation working to address the skills shortage of medical staff in Nigeria and we’re delighted to have awarded them a grant of £11,392 to develop and test a mobile learning platform for use by Nigerian medical personnel.  (Please note this grant was subsequently cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and funds returned to Indigo: Jan 2014)

Open Aid Register

A grant of £10,000 to the website Open Aid Register, which helps small organisations publish their aid spending. The grant will allow Open Aid Register to add several new features to the site that will give users greater control over what data they publish and allow them to make better use of that data once published.   To read more click here.

iCow (Kenya)

A grant of up to £14,000 to cover operating costs such as rent, salaries and office equipment for the next six months. iCow is currently at a crucial stage of its development and expansion and we hope that this grant will give them some vital breathing room during this time. For more, click here.

HiveColab (Uganda)

A grant of £15,078 to cover the cost of rent, salaries and internet for six months. The Hive is a community-owned, co-working space for young tech entrepreneurs with projects that they’re looking to get off the ground. Click here for more.

Cell Life (South Africa)

A grant of £12,000 to Cell Life towards their project, Lungisa. Lungisa – which means “fix it” in isiXhosa – will provide a platform to enable Cape Town citizens to send text based, audio and video reports outlining challenges in service delivery.  Participants will be able to report using SMS, Twitter, MXit, email and web.  Click for more.

Sisi Ni Amani (Kenya)

A grant of $18,158 to enable the Kenyan peace-building NGO, Sisi Ni Amani, to improve their PeaceTXT platform. PeaceTXT uses SMS messaging and on-the-ground peacebuilders to target potential flashpoints of violence to de-escalate tensions and reduce the potential for conflict. The platform is aimed at avoiding a repetition of the violence that accompanied Kenya’s last general election. For more, click here.

iHub (Kenya)

A grant of £10,000 to go towards their research programme on ICT hubs across Africa. For more information on this grant, please see this blog post written by the iHub Research team.

Plan International (Project in Cameroon)

A grant of £15,488 to carry out a digital mapping project aimed at improving service delivery and political participation among young people in Cameroon. For more on this grant, click here.

I-Vission International (Cameroon)

A grant of £10,764 to I-Vission to cover the full costs of their Digitization of Cameroon’s Laws project. This project will digitise Cameroon’s laws, record videos of celebrities and government officials explaining the practical applications of the laws and host a discussion forum where citizens can discuss the implications of the laws. The project aims to promote sensible laws and expose controversial ones. More can be found here.

Fruits of Thought (Uganda)

A grant of £5,000 to support Fruits of Thought to organise five mapping events at different universities throughout Uganda.  These mapping days will teach additional skills and create hotspots of mappers that will eventually bring together all university teams by connecting their roads and residential area’s on the map.  Each university will receive a follow up session to maintain the network and reflect on the quality of the map. For more, click here.

Not In My Country* (Uganda)

A grant of £10,000 to the team behind the new Ugandan university corruption reporting website, Not In My Country. The site is designed to allow university students to rate the quality of teaching they receive and to report any incidents of bribery and corruption by university lecturers. This grant was awarded in October 2011, but not published due to safety and security concerns. Click here to read more.

CIPESA (Uganda)

A grant of £12,000 to CIPESA’s iParticipate project, which aims to leverage ICTs to monitor health service delivery in the districts of Amuru, Gulu, and Pader in northern Uganda. Journalists and citizen journalists will collect data on health services in the area that will be mapped on to an Ushahidi platform and used to highlight instances of poor resource management or inequalities. You can find more here.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Project in Tanzania)

A grant of £14,920 to Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to help them build, develop and deploy the SMS referral system to improve uptake of sexual and reproductive healthcare in Mwanza, Tanzania. If you’d like to learn more about how the system works and the role it plays in LSTM’s larger clinical study, click here.

Sciences Po

A grant of up to £10,000 to Sciences Po to pay for the flights and accommodation costs of representatives of African organisations with an interest in parliamentary informatics to attend a two-day conference on Open Legislative Data. For more on this grant, click here.

Africa Gathering (Africa-wide)

A grant of £15,000 to cover the flight and accommodation costs of several innovation hubs to attend Africa Gathering’s London 2012 conference. The conference aims to bring together businesses, investors and funders with an interest in the African tech scene and start-ups. To read more about this grant, click here.

Youth Agenda (Kenya)

A grant of £10,000 to Kenyan NGO, Youth Agenda, to help develop an SMS system of Leadership Vetting & Selection. The idea is to encourage Kenyans to reflect on what makes a good leader and to be able to identify those characteristics in political candidates. Youth Agenda aim to work with more than 10,000 young Kenyans to raise awareness of leadership skills and to start a debate on key political issues affecting the country. You can find more information here.

RLabs (Somaliland)

A grant totalling £22,200 to support the establishment of a Social Enterprise Innovation Incubator and Accelerator in South Africa and an innovation hub in Somaliland. The grants will cover costs associated with set-up of the spaces, such as equipment, training and capacity building. More information about the South Africa incubator can be found here, while this page has more on the Somaliland hub.

iCow (Kenya)

A grant for £15,000 to cover salary and legal costs, as well as any related costs iCow incur as they move to expand their service across Kenya. We have funded iCow on a couple of occasions in the past, but to read more about this grant click here.

KINU (Tanzania)

A £30,000 grant to the KINU Group who are establishing an innovation hub in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. The grant will be used to cover things such as rent, salaries and fit-out costs of what will be ‘an open space for Tanzania’s tech community to foster co-creation, innovation and capacity building’. Read more here.

Amnesty International (Project in Kenya)

A grant of £16,000 to help Amnesty International UK and Amnesty International Kenya build a mapping website that will capture information about forced evictions of slum residents in Nairobi. It will be the first platform of its kind in Kenya and it’s hoped that the information collected will allow Amnesty to get a clearer overview of the scale of the problem and provide a compelling tool with which to lobby the Kenyan Government. More information can be found here.

Young Rewired State (UK)

A grant of £10,000 to the British organisation Young Rewired State (YRS). YRS is a network of developers aged 18 and under who have an aptitude for coding or designing for the internet. Our grant will be used to support various aspects of the nationwide hack week, organised each year by YRS to foster and encourage Britain’s young developers. Read more in this blog post.

HiveColab (Uganda)

A grant of £18,000 to HiveColab, a co-working space in Uganda. The Hive are now looking to move to new premises where they will be able to continue their work and this grant will be used to help pay rent and fit-out costs of the new space. Part of the grant will also go towards supporting the salary costs of their community manager. Read more here.

SODNET* (Kenya)

A grant of £30,750 to go towards the salary costs of employing an Infonet Development Programme Lead and a Programmer. Both of these posts will allow SODNET to develop the Infonet programme – to expand its reach and improve its efficiency. For more information, click here.

Africa Gathering (Africa-wide)

A grant of up to £5,000 to assist Africa Gathering to organise up to two events in Africa. The events aim to bring together innovative thinkers and doers with a passion for Africa. The first event, which will be moderated by Indigo Trust Executive, Loren Treisman, will be held in Uganda at the end of January 2012. For more information on this grant, click here.

iWatchLive (Nigeria)

A grant of £5,000 to iWatchLive, a web application that not only allows citizens to access Nigerian government budget data, but also allows them to report back on incidences of corruption and poor service delivery, thereby highlighting the areas in which government is failing to live up to its promises. More information can be found here.

BongoHive (Zambia)

We have awarded a grant of $19,600 to BongoHive, a Zambian tech hub, which takes its inspiration from similar facilities in Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and Cameroon. The grant will cover the costs of a mobile/web app competition, a mobile app training course and internet and modem costs. Click here for more information.

SHM Foundation (South Africa)

Indigo is delighted to announce a grant of £15,000 to the SHM Foundation to scale-up Project Kopano. Based in Pretoria, Kopano is a project that creates mutual support networks that use SMS to connect HIV+ mothers to one another, enabling them to share experiences, fears and doubts and to ask questions of the health professionals or mentors that are on hand to provide expert advice and reassurance. For more, click here.

TEDX Dzorwulu (Ghana)

We have awarded TEDxDzorwulu a grant of £4,000 towards the costs of organising a conference. The event aims to foster and develop Ghana’s growing tech community and will take place in Accra, Ghana on 10 December 2011. To read more, click here.


Indigo has awarded a grant of £10,000 towards their Affordable Access Programme. The grant will be used to enable IADP and its partner universities to identify collections of relevant and affordable eBook titles in support of the Open University’s TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa) and HEAT (Health Education and Training) projects. You can find more about this project here.

Co-Creation Hub (Nigeria)

Indigo has awarded a grant totalling £25,000 to the Co-Creation Hub in Nigeria. £10,000 of this covers salary costs for a business adviser to provide support to several of the very promising projects that are emerging from the hub. The remaining £15,000 was divided equally between three projects that started out life in the hub. More information on those projects can be found here.


Indigo has awarded a grant of £10,000 to the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that operates Wikipedia. The money will go toward upgrading Wikimedia’s mobile platform, which will enable Wikimedia to better reach the millions of people in the developing world and low-income communities everywhere, who access the Internet exclusively through mobile phones. More information can be found here.

iLab (Liberia)

Indigo has awarded a grant of £20,000 to iLab, a computer lab based in Monrovia that provides access to cutting edge technology, expert IT assistance and a community of like-minded individuals. The grant will be used for staffing costs, the upgrading of iLab’s internet connection and a small amount for office supply and equipment costs. To read more, click here.

ActionAid (Project in Tanzania)

Indigo has awarded ActionAid a grant of £10,000 in support of a project to map incidents of land grabbing in rural Tanzania. The project will allow citizens to report incidents of land grabbing and provide them with support to assert their rights and raise the profile of this important issue. More information can be found here.

Co-Creation Hub – Nigerian Constitution App

A grant of £7,000 has been awarded to the Cocreation hub to support Zubair Abubakar in developing his already successful Blackberry Nigerian Consitution App for use on other platforms. Find out more about this project here.

Youth for Tech (Nigeria)

Indigo has awarded a grant of £10,000 to Youth for Tech for peer-to-peer sexual health counselling in the southeastern and Niger Delta regions of Nigeria. The RLabs Nigeria project is a partnership between Youth for Technology Foundation and Rlabs and will involve training up 50 at-risk youth in the use of ‘social media platforms and mobile technology to write about their own personal experiences’ and to work as health counsellors ‘responsible for providing sex education to other youth in the community’. Read more about this project here.

Mobile Consortium (Ghana)

Indigo has awarded a grant of £10,000 to Mobile Consortium Ghana to help with the costs of organising the Mobile App Ghana Showcase. Awards have been made in three categories (governance, health and education), with runners up receiving money to invest in new mobile technologies to help them continue their promising work. To read more about this grant, click here.

Question Box/Open Mind

The Indigo team has awarded a grant of £10,000 to Open Mind’s Open Question project. The grant will be used to cover the salary costs of two developers working on software which will enable any community organisation to set up their own hotline. Read more about this project here.

ActivSpaces (Cameroon)

Indigo has awarded a grant of £10,008.96 to help with ActivSpace’s running costs. The money will go towards the salary of a new community manager to guide ActivSpaces as it continues to grow, as well as covering the costs of much-needed hardware and software and promotional materials to help spread knowledge of ActivSpaces’s work. Further details on this grant can be found here.

Map Kibera Trust (Kenya)

The Indigo Trust has awarded a grant of £11,320.32 to Map Kibera Trust to be match funded by the African Technology and Transparency Initiative. Part of the money will be used to increase the Trust’s community outreach work, while the remainder will be used to improve the impact of the web tools, primarily through the redevelopment of the Voice of Kibera website. More information can be found here.

FrontlineSMS Radio

The Indigo Trust has awarded a second grant of £10, 000 to FrontlineSMS Radio to provide further technical support and some equipment costs to radio stations involved in the pilot phase of this project. You can read more about this grant here or our previous grant to them here.

One World (Nigeria/Senegal)

Indigo has awarded One World a grant of £13,000 to help them establish a Facebook page linking young Nigerians and Senegalese to trained, experienced professionals who will be on hand to answer any questions about sex, relationships and health. Further information can be found here.

Institute for Philanthropy

We’ve awarded a grant of £18, 600 to the Institute for Philanthropy for a paper designed to showcase how philanthropists can use Social Media effectively within their own organisations and how they can support grantees in doing so. Further details can be found here.

Mobile Active

Indigo has awarded a £20,000 grant to Mobile Active. Half of the grant will be used to produce a research paper entitled ‘State of Mobiles in Human Rights, Democracy & Governance’ and the other half will contribute towards costs for running an (un)conference around similar themes. Further details can be found here.


We have awarded a grant of £40,000 to mySociety to help with a new project aimed at enhancing the ability of NGOs, individuals and campaigners to replicate some of mySociety’s most successful projects in their own countries. Open Society Institute are co-funding this work. Further details can be found here.

Co-Creation Hub (Nigeria)

We have awarded a grant of £10,000 to the Co-Creation Hub in Nigeria. The money will be used to help cover the Hub’s core costs. For more on this grant, please read this press release prepared in conjunction with the Omidyar Network.

Tactical Technology

We have awarded a grant of £16, 350 to Tactical Tech. £11, 350 will contribute towards for a project working with human rights activists around the developing world in order to support them to make more effective use of technology in their work. £5000 will fund workshops of their choice. To find out more, read our blog post here.

iCow (Kenya)

The Indigo Trust have made a grant of £14,536 to iCow to cover the costs of a customer service centre to handle support and feedback from the iCow users. iCow is a mobile application which acts as a virtual vet for small-scale dairy farmers, providing them with critical information to ensure that their cattle remain healthy during pregnancy. Further details can be found here.

Transparency and Accountability Initiative

We have awarded a grant of £10, 000 to the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, New Technologies Subgroup, of which The Indigo Trust is an associate member. The initiative brings together like-minded donors to encourage more strategic thinking, policy change and shared learning in the field of transparency and accountability in order to maximise impact at scale. Further details on the collaborative can be found here.

Institute for Philanthropy

We have awarded a grant of £41,506.40 to The Institute for Philanthropy who will be managing the logistical side of a conference which Indigo Trust will be co-hosting alongside The Omidyar Network. Further details on the conference, entitled IT, Philanthropy and Development, which is aimed at an audience of philanthropists can be found here.

Tech-In Series/Co-Creation Hub (Nigeria)

The Indigo Trust have awarded a grant of £5,000 to the Co-Creation Hub team to cover prize money and some project management costs for a Tech-in Governance ‘Living Lab’ event in Lagos. Find out more about this event and the team behind it on this blog post.

Hive Colab (Uganda)

The Indigo Trust has awarded a grant of £10, 000 to the Hive Colab in Uganda for general operational costs. The Colab is an open, collaborative, community owned, work environment for young tech entrepreneurs to focus on projects, access the internet, have a quiet professional environment to develop their ideas in, hold events and generally collaborate. To find out more, read this blog post.

Pamoja FM (Kenya)

The Indigo Trust has awarded Pamoja FM a grant of £2213 to cover equipment costs, which will enhance their ability to work effectively with FrontlineSMS Radio to enable two-way communication with their listeners, bringing critical information to citizens of Kibera slum in Nairobi. For more information, please refer to this blog post.

FrontlineSMS Radio

The Indigo Trust has awarded FrontlineSMS Radio with a £10, 200 grant to fund a part-time Project Manager to coordinate between the developer team, researchers, partners and users on the ground. See our blog post for more detail about the project. It is hoped that this project will contribute to stimulating civil activism and have implications for bottom-up governance. We look forward to working with Sharath, Ken, Laura and the wider FrontlineSMS community.

Africa Gathering (Africa-wide)

The Indigo Trust has awarded a grant of £10, 000 to Africa Gathering (£5000 towards ICT4D conference costs and £5000 for business support). It is hoped that this grant will assist Africa Gathering in achieving sustainability and will ensure that innovative projects around Africa are recognised and supported by the international community. For further details about this organisation, please refer to our blog post.

* Grants for which details have subsequently changed. Occasionally, grant sizes or purposes are amended due to the changing circumstances or needs of individual grantees.

88x31 Our IATI and 360 data feeds are available under CCO licence.

17 Responses to Grants Awarded

  1. alfred karanja says:

    can a community based organisation benefit from your grants ?

    • lorentreisman says:

      They most certainly can, provided you are working on a technology driven project which focuses on social change and can provide us with a well thought out proposal and evidence that your organisation has achieved impact in the past. If you want to know more, get in touch with Matt O’Reilly on

  2. alfred karanja says:

    Hongera Icow .your services are super .am a dairy farmer & the information i get from you is quite educative. Pongezi and keep it up

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  4. Kimwama says:

    How do youths apply for such grants please we have plans to install technology facilities and help eradicate poverties in our rural community.

  5. Pingback: Indigo’s Data | Indigo Trust

  6. Pingback: Indigo Trust Supports AfriLabs with Second Consecutive Grant -

  7. Samwel Nangiria says:

    This is a life changing innovative technology driven organization. I have liked most of the projects you have supported. Full of innovation, practical and goes down to the majority in our communities. Congrats.

  8. Pingback: Continuing our support of mySociety | Indigo Trust

  9. This is interesting and i thank you for this grate work , what am seeing its the advantage of empowering our people in our community to demand for service delivery during this election period

  10. I am one of the members on our district HIV/AIDS executive committee in one of the districts in Uganda. We have held several dialogue meetings in the district to link Sub county HIV networks to local leaders for effective service delivery. Can we apply for funding?

    • mattindigo says:

      Please see our Apply page for more information. Please note, however, that we only support technology-driven approaches to transparency and accountability initiatives and service delivery. Projects not using mobile and web tech as a main component are not eligible for funding by us.

  11. Please I will like to know if Indigo Trust provide support for a postgraduate degree course in data journalism.

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