Keynote Speakers

Imagine a world where every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge…. Access to knowledge is a fundamental human right and we cannot compromise on that.

This was the inspirational message which Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales ended the day on. The conference also saw keynote presentations from three other speakers who helped put the day in context and provided a crucial reminder of why technology is such a potent change for those working towards social change.

Fran Perrin, Founder and Director of the Indigo Trust; an organisation that funds technology-driven projects to bring about social change, largely in African countries. The Trust focuses mainly on innovation, transparency and citizen empowerment.

Philip Thigo, Program Associate, Strategic Partnerships at Sodnet, which promotes civic concerns geared towards the total empowerment of civil society. They have implemented a variety of interventions which are being deployed in Kenya including a budget tracking tool, and Huduma, a site aimed at improving service delivery. Here, Philip talks about the conference and his speech:

Richard Allan, European Policy Director at Facebook. Richard works on a broad range of issues including privacy, online child safety, freedom of expression, e-commerce regulation and public sector uses of social media.

Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia and other wiki-related organisations, including the charitable organisation Wikimedia Foundation and the for-profit company Wikia, Inc. Wikipedia is now one of the five top visited sites in the world.

The speakers covered a wide range of issues from why investors and philanthropic organisations should back innovation and take risks to the importance of further extending access to information for all, not just those in the developed world economies. If you would like to hear more from these fascinating speakers, click here to watch the videos.

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