Successful applications

Congratulations, you have made it! If your application is successful, a member of the Indigo team will contact you to let you know that the trustees have approved a grant.

Once this has happened, we will:

  • Issue you an official grant award letter, which acts as a contract between us, the grant giver, and you, the grant recipient. This will confirm the grant amount, any specific conditions associated with the grant and details of the monitoring and evaluation process, including milestones we agreed with you during the application process.
  • Ask you to respond to us stating that you accept the terms and conditions of the grant letter.
  • Liaise with you regarding the payment of the grant. Please note that any payments must be made to an organisational bank account, not a personal account.
  • Follow up at regular intervals to see how the project is going and, where appropriate, to ask you to complete our monitoring and evaluation forms and documents. These will have been sent to you with your grant award letter.

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