How to apply

If you have met all the eligibility criteria in the previous section, you may wish to apply to us. Please note that applications can be submitted at any time of the year and we do not have funding deadlines.  You must be undertaking charitable work in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa or Uganda (if your project is not in one of these countries please do not apply).

If you are seeking to apply to the Fund for Technology Innovation Hubs, however, you should follow the instructions here.

We accept applications in different formats and do not have a compulsory application form for applicants. We have developed an optional template for those applicants who wish to use it.

Download Application Template

Please be aware that your chances of obtaining a grant are not affected by whether you use the template or an alternative format. Regardless of the format used, applications should:

  • Be between two and four pages of A4
  • Provide a brief background to your organisation and its history
  • Offer an overview of the project for which you are seeking funding
  • Include a rough budget for the project
  • Give details of how you will monitor and evaluate your project

Please do not send other documents at this time, such as charity registration documents, audited accounts, promotional materials or brochures.

All applications should be submitted via email to

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