Vision and Mission

Our vision is a world where the powerful are held to account by the people, leading to better lives for all.

Our mission is to work to create a world of active, informed citizens and responsive, accountable governments that together drive positive change in society.

We work in sub-Saharan Africa to:

  • Fund projects and organisations that leverage the power of mobile and web technologies, to foster active, informed citizens and accountable governments
  • Provide small and high-risk grants to early-stage projects to stimulate innovative approaches to tackling social challenges
  • Offer grantees tailored, bespoke support and access to a wider network to amplify their impact and strengthen their organisations
  • Fund civic tech communities and innovation hubs that use Information Communication Technologies for positive social change
  • Raise awareness and support wider sector initiatives and shared learning

We strive to be:

  • Transparent and honest, allowing us to be challenged and enabling us and others to be more effective grant makers
  • Approachable and friendly, creating trusting relationships which deepen our understanding of our work
  • Unbureaucratic, meaning we can rapidly respond to on-the-ground needs and enable our grantees to focus on their mission
  • Flexible and agile, ensuring that we continually adapt and improve our service

We believe that:

  • Transparent and accountable governments deliver better outcomes for all
  • Access to information helps citizens make informed decisions and hold authorities to account
  • Digital technology has the power to transform how people access, share and create information
  • The best solutions to people’s challenges are devised and implemented locally
  • Lives are improved by our grantees’ work, not by our support alone
  • Philanthropy should take a prime role in risk, innovation and funding positively disruptive ideas