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Want a tough job? Make parliament interesting

Back in November, we announced that we had awarded a grant to Livity Africa towards the costs of their young parliamentary reporter programme in South Africa. The job of these young reporters was to report on what was happening in … Continue reading

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Supporting Ethiopian Innovation with xHub

Addis Ababa is alive with innovation right now and that’s why we’re happy to be supporting a tech innovation hub there, xHub. The xHub will act as a place for IT entrepreneurs to convert their idea into a product or … Continue reading

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Media representation in South Africa… What you don’t see

In a city like Cape Town, getting your voice heard can be a real challenge. Without the money, the connections or the social standing, it is easy for the media – and in many cases the government – to overlook … Continue reading

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Just who are Kenya’s hardest working MPs?

Last year, Indigo grantee Mzalendo launched the People’s Shujaaz Awards to recognise and honour Kenyan legislators who have made a positive contribution to the country by actively engaging in the political process, rather than taking a back seat. Here are … Continue reading

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Platformtastic! How to Reach your Target Audience

The list of things you can now do over a web or mobile platform is vast and continues to grow. For many, the days when a phone was for – you know – phoning people are a bygone age, a … Continue reading

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Remote communities… and how to reach them

You live in a remote village that is three hours’ drive from the nearest health centre. Your family can’t afford a mobile phone and the only person with a phone in the village is away visiting relatives. You notice that … Continue reading

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Combining old and new tech for better service delivery

For all the developments in mobile and web technology over the last three decades, in many parts of the world radio remains a key source of information and advice. Although we don’t fund radio projects in isolation, we are keen … Continue reading

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