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Grant awarded to Siyakhona

Substance abuse and addiction are common the world over, but in the Alexandra township of Johannesburg the problem is particularly pressing. School pupils are at risk of failing or dropping out due to the prevalence of alcohol and substance abuse. That’s why we have … Continue reading

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Grant awarded to Mzalendo

A grant of £14,714 to Mzalendo Trust in Kenya to help promote their parliamentary monitoring site, increase user numbers and visibility. Continue reading

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Grant awarded to GroundUp

After a relatively quiet summer here at Indigo, the pace is picking up and this is the first of a series of blog posts concerning newly awarded grants. The others will follow shortly. We’re delighted to announce a grant of … Continue reading

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Seychellois Legislation and the e-Grey Book

It’s not often we talk about the Seychelles on here – in fact, it’s very rare that we hear from organisations and individuals in the Seychelles. When it comes to accessing legislative information on and offline, however, the Seychelles are … Continue reading

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Things We Don’t Fund: e-commerce

People (at least in the UK) often complain that Christmas seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year. So I apologise for the fact that while it’s only just September, I’m mentioning Christmas already.

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Guest Post from Farmerline: Ghan’a Fishin’

The following is a guest post kindly prepared by Indigo grantee, Farmerline. In our final year at university, we (Emmanuel Owusu Addai and Alloysius Attah) felt very lucky and privileged at having made it that far. We wanted to give back to … Continue reading

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The Importance of Marketing (and some stuff about Mad Men)

While most of my knowledge of marketing is gleaned from binge-watching Mad Men, even I can appreciate it has a role to play. And while most people undoubtedly associate it with multinational corporations, Hollywood blockbusters and the like, marketing actually … Continue reading

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