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OGP: A not quite live blog (day 1)

The Open Government Partnership Summit, which this year is being held in the wonderful Mexico City, is a time for a whole range of organisations and governments from around the world to meet and discuss any number of issues around … Continue reading

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Polio, tech and Bill Gates

Injecting (pun intended) humour into polio is not an easy thing to do. In honour of World Polio Day, that’s just what Randall Munroe of XKCD comic fame has done and the results can be found on the Bill Gates blog. … Continue reading

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Waraba and Maimouna – Meet two of myAgro’s happy farmers

The following post was kindly provided by our grantee, myAgro, and features some stories from farmers they are supporting in Mali and Senegal. To read more about this grant, please visit our recent blog post announcing the award.

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How to… encourage people to read

The internet is awash with people offering advice and tips on how to do all manner of things. To prove this point, I have conducted a rigorous test under controlled conditions. Typing ‘how to + [letter of your choice]’ brought … Continue reading

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Arcane rituals, parliaments and innovation

As I write this post, I’m sat about a kilometre away from the Palace of Westminster, the home of the British Parliament. I can think of few institutions more in thrall to tradition and old ways of doing things than … Continue reading

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South Africa, Journalism & Dim Sum Digital

The following post is reproduced with the kind permission of Dim Sum Digital, about some work Indigo is funding with them and partners in South Africa. A new month – and the beginning of some new contracts which we’re very … Continue reading

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What the SDGs mean for tech and transparency

As far as odd couples go, the Pope and Shakira is one of my new favourites. You wouldn’t necessarily think of putting them on the same stage, but that’s just what the UN did when they adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) … Continue reading

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