A New Website… Coming Soon

Since Indigo started funding work in Africa back in 2010, the world of the web has changed. Aside from plenty of new content, however, the Indigo website has not. We think it’s now time for a refresh and a lick of digital paint for our site. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be working to overhaul the website to ensure it is easy to use, relevant and visually attractive. We’ll be taking a look at our current pages, the stats, user journeys and functionality to ensure that users of our website – be they potential applicants, current grantees, media or simply the curious – can get the most out of it. We’ll be re-ordering pages, cutting unused content and adding new features. We hope that disruption can be kept to a minimum and, indeed, most of you shouldn’t notice a thing until one day you visit our site and find a new, shiny one in its place!

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Freedom of Information in South Africa

There is something ironic about an organisation that works on freedom and transparency being based in a former jail. But that’s the situation that the South African History Archive finds itself in. SAHA is involved in a number of programmes, but it’s their freedom of information work that brought them to our attention. Continue reading

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Using Tech to Give Marginalised Citizens a Voice

Just before leaving for South Africa, I gave a talk at the ODI Summit in London on how we can leverage the power of mobile and web technology to foster accountable institutions and active, informed citizens.  It showcases examples from our fabulous grantees such as WOUGNET, Parliamentary Monitoring Group, Mzalendo, mySociety, CODE/Follow the Money and BudgIT to show how they’re really helping citizens have their voices heard.  I’d love to hear your reflections.

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Tech Innovation in Sierra Leone

Sensi is building a technology innovation community in Sierra Leone that will drive economic and social development through providing an open and stimulating community hub for young technologists and entrepreneurs to come together, develop their ideas and access cutting-edge tech, events, incubation programmes and training. We will unleash the untapped potential of young people interested in building businesses and making a difference in their careers.”

At Indigo we have supported a number of tech and innovation hubs in their early stages and are proud to announce that we will be doing the same with Sensi, Sierra Leone’s new innovation space. We will be providing a grant of £14,000 to Sensi to help them establish themselves as Freetown’s tech hub. The space offers a wide range of services and support for digital innovators and start-ups, as well as different membership services. We look forward to following Sensi’s work over the coming days and months and reporting back on it here.

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Social Media Tips for NGOs

The following blog post is reproduced from the ODAC website. The original post can be found here.

Non-governmental organisations can be surprisingly slow to adapt (well, perhaps not surprising to all). Particularly when it comes to social media and marketing, there seems little energy to adapt and utilise this consistently shifting but powerful world to forward our work. Recognising this gap, in 2013 Indigo Trust and ODAC undertook a project to bring together different ngo’s to work on our social media through workshops. These proved enlightening and inspiring for many of us (groups such as Fundza Literacy Trust, the Parliamentary Monitoring Group, Code for South Africa and others), but still we needed more! Last month, again with the support of Indigo Trust, we began one-on-one sessions with digital consultants to forward our missions. Continue reading

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Closure of Hypercube

As many of you will know, we supported Hypercube to establish a tech and innovation hub in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the hub was forced to close its doors at the end of 2015 having failed to secure sufficient funding to continue operations. For more on the closure of the hub and the reasons behind it, please take a look at Hypercube’s Facebook announcement here. While it’s always sad to see a grantee shut down its operations, we hope to learn from the experience and apply those lessons to our work in future.

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Indigo Christmas Office Clausure

santa_phoneHo ho ho! The Indigo team will be out of the office from now until early January. As such, any proposals received during December will not be reviewed until the New Year and applicants should expect a slower-than-usual response.  Don’t worry, though, we’ll be sure to read all of your emails, tweets and listen to any voicemails you might have left for us over the festive season once we’re back in the office. If you’d like to leave us some real gifts, they’d be most welcome too. If you are celebrating Christmas, we’d like to wish you all a very merry time!

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