Fighting Ebola through Translation

The following is a press release prepared by Translators without Borders about an Ebola project we are funding. Many thanks to the TwB team for allowing us to repost this.

DANBURY, CT USA – 7 November 2014. Translators without Borders (TWB) is pleased to announce funding from the Indigo Trust to extend its Ebola Words of Relief Extension project to more languages in West Africa. Additionally, the project will focus on distribution of the local language materials through various humanitarian networks and on the ground, ensuring that affected populations do receive critical information in their own languages. Continue reading

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Grant Awarded to Medical Concierge Group

Access to medical services in a country where doctor-to-patient ratios average 1:25,000 and a trip to the GP can leave patients seriously out of pocket is a huge problem. It’s one with which The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG) - an organisation working in Uganda and Kenya - is all too familiar. TMCG operate a number of health services, including a call centre staffed by doctors and pharmacists that provides advice, reassurance and where necessary referrals to those unable or unwilling to see a doctor in person. We’re delighted to have awarded them a grant of £15,000 towards the costs of this work and to enable them to increase the already impressive 100,000 calls they deal with each month. Continue reading

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Privacy, Open Data and Imposters


L-R: Michael Jackson, Stephen King, Sam Smith and James Graham

You could be forgiven for wondering what on earth a (deceased) popstar, a horror writer, a (living) popstar and a rugby league player could possibly have to do with a conference on transparency, privacy and open data. Well, the short answer is that there’s little connection, other than that their namesakes all made appearances at this week’s Omidyar Network conference, Open Up? 2014. Still, it makes for an attention-grabbing way of starting a blog post and attention, as we shall see later, can be a very lucrative commodity. Continue reading

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Grant Awarded to Livity Africa

307919310_17d38cf23a_oIn the recent referendum on Scottish independence, 16 and 17 year olds were allowed to vote for the first time. With a registration rate close to 100% any generalised remarks about politically apathetic teenagers need to be examined. Ensuring that young adults are enthused and adequately represented by politics, however, is not an easy thing. That’s what Livity Africa are hoping to do in South Africa with an innovative new programme of youth reporters embedded in the South African parliament. We’re delighted to announce that we have awarded them a grant of £8,000 towards this work. Continue reading

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Grant awarded to Dim Sum Digital

By definition, citizen journalists tend to lack much of the training or experience of regular, paid journalists. As citizens of the communities they write about, however, they are necessarily much closer to the ground and interested in the issues that the regular press overlooks or chooses not to report on. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a grant of £15,053 to Dim Sum Digital to provide training to citizen journalists in Cape Town. Continue reading

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Data, Fear and the Next Big Thing

Predictions about the future of technology are notoriously tricky – today’s cutting-edge technology can quickly become tomorrow’s museum piece. They can also be misleading and a source of disappointment:


But when Tim Berners-Lee tells you about the ‘next big things’, you tend to sit up and listen a little more. At yesterday’s Open Data Institute’s Annual Summit, this was exactly what happened. So, what did Tim and others have to say about  the future of open data? Continue reading

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When do we award larger grants?

When Indigo started funding in Africa four years ago, we set out to do something that we felt other funders weren’t doing. Not only did we feel that the potential impact of mobile and web technology was ripe and should be supported, we also recognised that many organisations – particularly small, local ones – needed access to small amounts of finance quickly and often for high risk or untested ventures. As such, ever since we started funding in this area, relatively small grants of around £10,000 have been at the heart of our strategy. They have allowed us to support start-ups like BudgIT in Nigeria or iCow in Kenya that have since gone on to attract significant funding and revenues from a diverse range of sources. Continue reading

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