AGDGG: A Grant goes to Cameroon

3249657868_7c52e8b1ca_bYoung people in Cameroon operate in a political and social context where corruption and abuse of power put great stresses on the educational establishment. Rather than tackle the issue head on, many young people see little hope for improvement and so disengage from politics completely. Instead, they prefer to find ways around this problem by bypassing the traditional education authorities in search of a more effective solution outside existing institutions. This apathy simply serves to reinforce corrupt behaviour, as those involved see that there is little chance of discovery or justice being done. Continue reading

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Grant Award to Code4SA


You may have read about the event we hosted alongside Code4SA.  We’re delighted to announce that we’ve awarded a grant of £36,850 to the team to contribute towards salary costs and an Open Data Unconference which will help the team build the Open Data community in South Africa.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the Open Data and tech for transparency and accountability movements are nascent  in South Africa and remain fragmented.  To tackle this, the unconference will bring together key Stakeholders including techies, government officials, academics,  civil society, donors, the private sector and the media who will work together to form a Partnership for Action where all parties commit to playing a role in moving the sector forward.

The Code4SA team have already developed fantastic tools like Know Your Hood which enables citizens to see how their neighbours are voting and Know Your Councillor which helps citizens find out about their local representative and find out how to engage with them.  They’ve also developed an App so people can compare drug prices and get the best deal.  They’re creating APIs around the data from People’s Assembly, the elections and crime statistics and hope to work with Stakeholders so that this data can be used as part of wider campaigns.

The next phase will be building partnerships with media organisations, civil society and other Stakeholders, exploring how they can work together explore how tech and data, when used effectively can help citizens engage in democratic processes, make more informed choices and get their voices heard.

We’ve kick started with our co-hosted Hack Hackers event (alongside Africa Media Initiative) and we’re excited to be able support Code4SA as they begin to nurture this important space.

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Grant Awarded to Intermedia

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a core part of good development and grant-making practices. Knowing what worked and what didn’t can help grantmakers and charities improve their work and learn from their successes (and mistakes). Beyond being simply a good practice, many grant makers and funders increasingly make monitoring and evaluation a key requirement of any project they fund, so learning how to monitor, evaluate and assess is an increasingly important skill. Continue reading

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Our Pre Election South Africa Events

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It’s been all go in Cape Town in the last week as we’ve been working alongside the Africa Media Initiative (AMI) and Code4SA to ramp up our efforts in South Africa.

Since being in South Africa I’ve come across fantastic techies building APIs, tools and infographics which aim to equip citizens, activists and journalists with the platforms needed to support them in amplifying messages aimed at holding government to account.

Continue reading

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Guest Post: Grant Awarded to SimSim Morocco

Moroccan citizens have few channels through which to make their voices heard or to learn about the work of their representatives in Parliament. Although web-based tools were essential to the organization and campaigning of Arab Spring protesters, efforts to leverage technology to help citizens more effectively participate in political discussion have lagged. Continue reading

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Hacks/Hackers Event (Cape Town and Jo’burg) – Fri 11 April

In collaboration with Hacks/Hackers, Code for South Africa and the African Media Initiative (AMI), we are organising two events in Johannesburg and Cape Town this Friday, 11 April. The event will showcase simple tools and data sources that empower citizens, activists and civic watchdogs, plus organisations like the media to hold those in power to account. We and AMI offer small grants (up to R200,000) to individuals and organisations working in this space, so come along if you’d like to learn more and meet likeminded people.

Key Information

The Johannesburg meetup will take place at Jozihub, at 44 Stanley, at 6.30pm on Friday, 11 April 2014.

The Cape Town meetup will take place at Codebridge, at 6.30pm on Friday night, 11 April 2014.

Hacks/Hackers will provide pizzas and beer/wine/softdrinks at both events.

For more information please contact Loren Treisman at and take a look at the document below for more details.

Click for more information

Click for more information

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Grant Awarded to Social Justice Coalition

We’re delighted to announce that we have awarded South Africa’s Social Justice Coalition a grant of £16,226 to help them provide education and advocacy traning and also to develop and amend a mobile/online problem reporting platform. Continue reading

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