Why It’s Worth Taking A Risk….

Loren recently wrote an article for the April edition of Source: Sustainable Development Magazine which focuses on why it’s worth taking risks by investing in African start-ups.  It speaks about lots of our grantees and describes the journey we’ve taken with Co-Creation Hub from its inception to one of Africa’s leading innovation spaces.  Click here to read Loren’s article.

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A Review of the Year in Grants

Morris dancers. Credit: Jon Pinder, Flickr

Morris dancers. Credit: Jon Pinder, Flickr

The UK is no stranger to bizarre rituals and arcane institutions (see cheese rolling, Morris dancing and swan upping) and the British tax year is no exception. Because of a decision made back in 1752, our accounting year runs from 5 April. So, as we’re now a couple of weeks into a new financial year I thought it would be a good chance to take a look back at the grants we awarded in the last tax year (2014-15). You could wait for the publication of our annual report to the Charity Commission, but given that we believe in the value of timely data and commit to publishing details of everything we do as soon as possible, what’s the point? Continue reading

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What does a typical Indigo applicant look like?

Back in October 2014, I blogged about our new system to track proposals and the insights it revealed into our grant-making habits. Six months on and with around a year’s worth of data, what’s changed? Continue reading

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An Update from AGDGG Cameroon

The following is a progress report prepared Action Group for Democracy and Good Governance in Cameroon. To read more about the grant that we awarded AGDGG and its purpose, please take a look at this post.

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Second Grant to Joint Hub Fund

In June last year, we blogged about our involvement in establishing the Joint Hub Fund to support tech hubs across Africa. Today, Indigo is delighted to announce that we will provide a further £100,000 towards supporting the Fund. This is the largest award Indigo has made since we started supporting technology and development in 2010 and we hope that it can be used to catalyse the growth and development of Africa’s burgeoning tech hub space. It is our belief that technology hubs offer great promise in using technology to address some of the social and economic challenges faced by the communities in which they operate. The money is being granted to the Dutch Hivos Foundation, which is responsible for the management and running of the fund. £10,000 will be used to cover staff costs, while the remainder will go towards supporting the core costs of a variety of hubs across the continent. We hope to provide updates on the progress of the fund and its awardees over the coming year.

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360 Grant to Nesta

As part of our ongoing support to 360 Degree Giving, we are pleased to announce that we have awarded a grant of £50,000 to Nesta. 360 Degree Giving was set up to help UK grantmakers and philanthropists publish their grant information online in an easy-to-use way. It aims to improve both the quality and quantity of information on UK philanthropic activity and is currently run by a consortium comprising Indigo Trust, Dulverton Trust, BIG Lottery and Nesta.

To read more about 360 Giving and find out how you can get involved, take a look at the 360 site.

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New Grant: Rwandan FOI Platform

While Sweden may have passed its first piece of FOI legislation in the 18th century, it’s taken most of the rest of the world quite a while to catch up. Having passed its legislation in 2013, Rwanda is one of the more recent entrants to the FOI community, but it’s apparent that civil society there is interested in making the most of this new legislation. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a grant of £20,205 to Tumenye Digital to support the development, maintenance and advertising of a site allowing Rwandan citizens to make FOI requests to government agencies and selected private sector organisations. Using mySociety code, the new website quickly allows people to search and find existing requests or to submit their own. The funding that Indigo provides will be used to cover salary costs, website design and also outreach, training and marketing. Part of the funding is also to be dedicated to setting up an SMS system that will allow Rwandans to submit details of their FOI requests via text message. The messages will then be annotated and expanded if necessary before being added to the site by the Tumenye team.

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