Our Pre Election South Africa Events

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It’s been all go in Cape Town in the last week as we’ve been working alongside the Africa Media Initiative (AMI) and Code4SA to ramp up our efforts in South Africa.

Since being in South Africa I’ve come across fantastic techies building APIs, tools and infographics which aim to equip citizens, activists and journalists with the platforms needed to support them in amplifying messages aimed at holding government to account.

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Guest Post: Grant Awarded to SimSim Morocco

Moroccan citizens have few channels through which to make their voices heard or to learn about the work of their representatives in Parliament. Although web-based tools were essential to the organization and campaigning of Arab Spring protesters, efforts to leverage technology to help citizens more effectively participate in political discussion have lagged. Continue reading

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Hacks/Hackers Event (Cape Town and Jo’burg) – Fri 11 April

In collaboration with Hacks/Hackers, Code for South Africa and the African Media Initiative (AMI), we are organising two events in Johannesburg and Cape Town this Friday, 11 April. The event will showcase simple tools and data sources that empower citizens, activists and civic watchdogs, plus organisations like the media to hold those in power to account. We and AMI offer small grants (up to R200,000) to individuals and organisations working in this space, so come along if you’d like to learn more and meet likeminded people.

Key Information

The Johannesburg meetup will take place at Jozihub, at 44 Stanley, at 6.30pm on Friday, 11 April 2014.

The Cape Town meetup will take place at Codebridge, at 6.30pm on Friday night, 11 April 2014.

Hacks/Hackers will provide pizzas and beer/wine/softdrinks at both events.

For more information please contact Loren Treisman at loren.treisman@sfct.org.uk and take a look at the document below for more details.

Click for more information

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Grant Awarded to Social Justice Coalition

We’re delighted to announce that we have awarded South Africa’s Social Justice Coalition a grant of £16,226 to help them provide education and advocacy traning and also to develop and amend a mobile/online problem reporting platform. Continue reading

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Grant Awarded: mySociety

PA website PMGThose of you who have been following our work for a while will know that we have been supporting mySociety for a number of years. As the mySociety team has expanded, so too has their global reach. We have previously funded them to work in partnership with African organisations to develop a number of digital democracy tools. Their most recent work with the South African organisation Parliamentary Monitoring Group saw the launch of the excellent parliamentary monitoring website, People’s Assembly. Continue reading

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Funders in Agriculture: Africa

The next in our series of contact information for Funders working in Africa.  Please see below for those funding Agricultural projects, or link directly to the document here.

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Constitution apps

A trend we’ve been keeping track of at Indigo is the growing popularity of constitution apps. Constitution apps provide citizens with an easily accessible copy of their country’s constitution. This is a useful resource for several groups of people: citizens gain a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities, lawyers have access to a useful professional resource and politicians can challenge each other to fulfil their legal role.

A while back, we did a sweep of apps available in Africa. In those few months, the number on the market has more than doubled. Apps are available across a range of platforms – Android, iOS, Blackberry etc – and across quite a wide range of countries. Apps have popped up in countries where ICT is already strong like Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. They have also emerged those where adoption of apps for development is still relatively new like Niger, Benin and Togo.

It remains to be seen how successful all of these apps will be or the impact they will have. However, the evolution of functionality we’re see in apps available is encouraging. Kenya Mpya provides a constitution app with additional information on constituencies, MPs and acts as a comprehensive political information source. 233Law in Ghana allows users to ask questions to other users, to pose queries to lawyers and hopes to add an ‘ask your MP’ functionality soon.

At Indigo, we’re always keen for opportunities to keep on top of new and exciting developments. If you know any interesting projects in this area, let us know.

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