A Grant to Swahili Box

SwahiliBox is Mombasa’s own technology open space focusing on socio-economic technology empowerment, inspiring and developing individuals and helping them develop new and innovative ideas through networking, access to training and support and professional mentoring and coaching. It’s one of the first hubs we are supporting outside a capital city, having awarded them a grant of £26,000 towards set up and running costs. The founders of the hub have been busy among the thriving tech community of Mombasa and felt that it was time that the community had a space to call its own.

We hope to update readers of this blog on what’s going on at SwahiliBox over the next few months, but we’re very excited to be involved in a project of this sort – especially outside of a capital city.

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Mobile Learning Week, Paris

Mobile Learning Week is an annual conference hosted by UNESCO at their headquarters in Paris. It’s been running for the last few years, although this is the first time that Indigo has attended. This year’s conference theme was gender and saw participants from around the globe talk about how technology is reshaping how we think and talk about education, literacy and female empowerment. But is technology revolutionising education, what impact do learning technologies have on women and girls specifically and what could be done better? The conference continues until the end of the week, but here are just a few of the lessons I’ve picked up so far… Continue reading

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A New Grant to AfriLabs

As we’ve previously written about, over the last few years we have supported a number of hubs across the continent. The map below shows all the countries where we have supported or are supporting hubs (unfortunately, it’s not interactive as wordpress.com doesn’t handle iframe embed codes well – but I digress): Continue reading

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My Al Jazeera Article on the Role of Tech in the lead up to the Nigerian Elections

Today Al Jazeera published my article on the role of new tech in the upcoming Nigerian elections.  In turbulent times, the result is unpredictable but I’m proud of all the organisations on the ground who are giving their all to ensure that marginalised voices aren’t ignored and government decisions are being watched.  You can read the article here.

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Code4SA and the School of Data

As part of our efforts to increase the amount of transparency and accountability work we support in Africa, a few months ago we announced a grant to Code4SA to support their School of Data Fellowship Programme (Scoda SA for short). Six months in and the programme is showing a number of promising results. Continue reading

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New Grant to DRT

Is the idea of an open data ‘community’ a misnomer? In an age of linked data, how connected are different open data players? And how does the diversity of the open data world – with its myriad actors, agendas and ways of working – fit together as a cohesive whole? Continue reading

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Humanitarian Mapping: A Grant to MapAction

In humanitarian crises and emergencies, ensuring access to accurate and up-to-date information is key to coordinating an often complex and confusing response. The small UK organisation, MapAction, has been deploying volunteer mappers to humanitarian emergencies and disasters for more than ten years – starting with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. They are the only non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a capacity to deploy a fully trained and equipped humanitarian mapping and information management team anywhere in the world, often within just hours of an emergency. They work with a number of disaster response agencies, including the UN, to map disaster-affected areas worldwide. In recent years they have worked on floods in Paraguay, typhoons in the Philippines and documented refugee movements in Libya. At present, they produce static maps which are made available via their website (primarily in JPG or PDF forms). Indigo has awarded them a grant of £8,000 to pilot a new digital mapping platform, which we hope will allow them to produce dynamic maps with multiple layers that can provide a more comprehensive and comparable overview of any emergency. The platform, which has been in development over the last couple of years, has previously been tried in simulation exercises and MapAction now feel that the time has come to deploy it in real-life emergencies. Indigo’s funding will be used to allow MapAction to test the digital mapping tool in two emergencies. The funding will go towards the costs of deploying their Technical Director to trial the new technology.

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