Guest Post from Farmerline: Ghan’a Fishin’

The following is a guest post kindly prepared by Indigo grantee, Farmerline.

In our final year at university, we (Emmanuel Owusu Addai and Alloysius Attah) felt very lucky and privileged at having made it that far. We wanted to give back to our family and the communities that supported us. In 2010, Mobile Web Ghana Entrepreneurship Program was one of the few programs supporting social entrepreneurship in Ghana. Continue reading

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The Importance of Marketing (and some stuff about Mad Men)

While most of my knowledge of marketing is gleaned from binge-watching Mad Men, even I can appreciate it has a role to play. And while most people undoubtedly associate it with multinational corporations, Hollywood blockbusters and the like, marketing actually has a very important role to play within charities. Continue reading

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Grant to African LII

There are fifty-five recognized states in Africa. Only one in Sub-Saharan Africa – Kenya, offers state-funded[1], comprehensive and open access to national legislation for free. Until a few years ago, the rest of the continent remained underserved, as meaningful access to legislation is either non-existent, or prohibitively expensive. It’s a problem that we at Indigo are familiar with, having recently funded the development of Constitute, which provides access to constitutions from around the world in a comprehensive, searchable and comparable format. Continue reading

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An Open Data Unconference

Indigo recently supported an open data unconference in Cape Town in collaboration with our grantee, Code for South Africa. The conference proceedings are now available to read. In just a couple of days, the conference examined a huge range of issues from how to get government data, mapping political financing, collaborating on open data and coding for journalists. Write-ups of each session are available here, but for now this is a quick taste of some the common themes that emerged from the diverse sessions:

  • There is a clear need for an open data portal to collate available datasets at a single location;
  • A policy of “open by default” for data is needed in contrast to the current “closed by default” mindset;
  • Data needs to be released responsibly to ensure that it does not compromise the privacy of individuals;
  • Data providers (such as government) should only be responsible for making data available, and info-mediaries such as the media, civil society and the private sector will package and present data to end-users.


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Training Grant Awarded to ODAC

Many of Indigo’s grantees in South Africa face similar problems and issues. That’s why we have awarded a grant of £10,000 to the Open Democracy Advice Centre there to work with some of our grantees to improve their skills and expertise. In particular, grantees that build digital products often fail to attract as many users as they had initially anticipated. This is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of their product – merely that they lack the skills or time to be able to market and promote it effectively. Through a series of collaborative workshops, ODAC will work in conjunction with a group of Indigo grantees to train on issues such as social media marketing, evaluation, PR training and website management and promotion. It’s hoped that through these activities, the participating organisations will have the skills and tools necessary to improve their digital presence and reach a wider audience.

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Grant to Amandla!

Across Africa – the world, indeed – citizens are fighting many of the same battles over resource allocation, spending cuts, taxi justice and a whole swathe of similar issues. One of the things that has revolutionised these battles in recent years is the introduction of mobile and web technologies. Continue reading

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Update from Question Box

We love to hear from our grantees, so we’re delighted when Question Box got in touch. We supported them a few years ago and you can read more about that grant here. Since that time, they’ve been pretty busy and here are just a few snippets from their work: Continue reading

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